One Tribe Partners With Sustainable Energy Platform Think Energy To Incentivise The Transition To Green Energy

One Tribe partners with sustainable energy providers Energywell Think Energy
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

One Tribe has partnered with California based sustainable energy provider Think Energy to incentivise customers to move to eco-friendly home energy.

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About Think Energy

Think Energy is an energy technology company powering the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Think Energy combines an extensive degree of financial expertise with knowledge from sustainable energy veterans to help consumers choose clean energy solutions that support businesses to meet their ESG guidelines and achieve net zero emissions.

With more and more businesses taking responsibility for their carbon footprint the need for simple and effective solutions has become a primary need for most businesses. By partnering with One Tribe, Think Energy will now reward all customers who transition to green energy with climate incentives including conservation funding, carbon reduction and emissions removal using nature-based solutions.

Together, One Tribe will support Think Energy customers to lower their carbon footprint and assist them in reaching long term net zero and ESG targets.

Improving Environmental Impact

One Tribe’s partnership with Think Energy provides an exciting opportunity to support the transition to sustainable energy using climate action incentives as a primary motivator. Think Energy’s proprietary technology platform and sales channels across many utility markets combined with One Tribe’s API integration is an opportunity to engage with quick and effective climate solutions that can help customers to improve their environmental footprint and track their impact.  

Customers that transition with Think Energy will have access to One Tribe’s full climate toolkit that tracks in real time the volume of emissions removed and number of acres saved within endangered conservation areas.

Helping Customers To Reach Net Zero

Working alongside Think Energy, One Tribe will guide the market on how to effectively kick-start their journey to net zero.

Alongside access to climate action data, One Tribe is also available to provide direct advice and support on the steps businesses need to take to reduce their carbon footprint and start their journey to net zero using nature-based solutions to offset and reduce carbon emissions.

Think Energy recognises the importance of supporting more people to transition into greener practices including energy solutions and the decarbonisation of operations. By partnering with One Tribe, Think Energy is now able to offer the global market quick and effective solutions needed to reduce emissions and enable US based consumers to operate more sustainably.


We are excited to collaborate with Think Energy to enhance the environmental impact of consumers’ energy consumption. As experts in climate action, One Tribe has recognises the importance of taking proactive measures to encourage the use of new solutions and reduce carbon footprints.

Think Energy’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions and One Tribe’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility create a compelling partnership. By combining forces, we aim to provide consumers with access to high-quality, affordable, and sustainable energy options that enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the conservation of critically endangered forests worldwide. One Tribe looks forward to working closely with Think Energy and leveraging their expertise to create positive change for the planet and its people.