One Tribe Partners With Santander To Help Global Businesses On Their Journey To Net Zero

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

One Tribe has partnered with Santander to help business owners decarbonise their exports and understand the process behind achieving net zero.

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About Santander

Santander is a global banking group that offers innovative solutions and services to business owners to help grow their businesses. Following the launch of their Navigator portal, Santander aims to use the portal as a means to inform UK businesses on local legislation and regulations surrounding shipping and export processes across international trade. 

With more and more businesses taking responsibility for their carbon footprint and a new legal requirement for businesses to report on their annual GHG emissions, the need for simple and effective advice has become more pressing. By partnering with One Tribe, Santander will now be able to offer training support and advice through the Navigator portal, via One Tribe, which will help businesses decarbonise their export process and assist them in reaching long-term net zero and ESG targets. 

As Santander’s primary carbon partner, One Tribe will support Santander in helping businesses to reduce emissions using nature-based offset solutions that include tree protection, ESG projects and nature based carbon offsets.

Education Surrounding Decarbonisation And Net Zero Emissions

One Tribe’s partnership with Santander provides an exciting opportunity to educate thousands of UK businesses and SMEs who are expanding overseas on carbon emission reduction and sector-specific best practices. 

Carbon Education Events

Working alongside Santander, One Tribe will be launching a bespoke six part content series including webinars, podcasts and articles that provide a structured program for businesses to kick-start their journey to net zero.

The events will be available exclusively through Santander, and accessible via the Navigator portal for all active members. 

Starting in September 2022 these events will take place over a period of six months, focusing on high-carbon emitting sectors including Logistics, Food and Drink, Retail and Wholesale, and Tech and Media. The Carbon Education series will answer questions on carbon offsets, net zero emissions, and how to lower carbon footprint with a focus on export. 

In addition to the education series, One Tribe is also active on the Navigator portal and is available to provide direct advice and support on the steps businesses need to take to reduce their carbon footprint and start their journey to net zero.

Helping Businesses To Reach Net Zero

Santander recognises the importance of supporting more businesses to decarbonise export and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. By partnering with One Tribe, they are now able to offer everything UK businesses need on their net zero journeys and enable more and more UK businesses to export sustainably.