One Tribe Partners With HP To Offer Low Carbon Printing Solutions

Tribe x HP
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

One Tribe has partnered with the on-demand printing solutions company HP Graphic Arts to provide the printing community with nature-based offset solutions and encourage low-carbon printing solutions.

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About HP Graphic Arts

HP Graphic Arts is a department within the multinational technology company HP. HP’s Graphic Arts portfolio caters to the printing community and creatives utilising print media and other print-related technologies. 

The latest partnership with One Tribe will enable HP to effectively demonstrate its heightened sense of global responsibility and real climate action to customers, clients, and staff. By taking advantage of One Tribe’s data technology and carbon tools, HP Graphic Arts can showcase its print-on-demand services’ carbon-saving benefits.

Decarbonising Print Emissions On A Global Scale

HP’s partnership with One Tribe aims to assist the Graphic Arts portfolio in visualising carbon data using baseline calculations for print waste material.  

One Tribe climate action tools relay real-time calculations and statistics on emissions reduction and tree protection across conservation projects worldwide. The type of data recorded, including the carbon stored, emissions removed, trees protected, and acres saved, will be used to showcase HP’s reduction efforts to a global audience.

HP will be able to showcase how carbon within the printing industry is calculated and offset using a custom-built carbon calculator from One Tribe. This calculator will help customers visualise their carbon footprint and demonstrate and educate interested parties during global conferences. 

Custom-Built Carbon Calculators

To assist the team at HP in auditing their carbon output, One Tribe will build a custom-branded carbon calculator that integrates with the HP Graphic Arts website. The carbon tool will provide information on how much print waste can be reduced based on the volume of print and packaging used per annum. The interactive tool converts waste figures into climate-saving statistics, such as trees protected or emissions removed. 

One Tribe has also integrated a live tree counter tool on HP’s website and a personalised brand impact page showcasing HP carbon reduction statistics related to print waste volume.

Lowering Emissions Using Nature-Based Solutions

Merging One Tribe’s tree counter function with a carbon calculator tool will allow HP to convert complex carbon data into easily digestible units of measurement that both customers and the creative audience can digest. 

The number of ‘trees protected’ will be used as an equivalent measurement to the volume of carbon emissions reduced from print waste. By visualising the emissions with One Tribe, HP can showcase the business impact and savings through nature-based solutions. Tree protection as a nature-based solution will effectively reduce the carbon footprint of HP Graphic Arts printing services and showcase the commitment to the environment.