One Tribe: Full Moon Swim with Ruby Moon Swim to Gym

Ruby Moon's Full Moon Swim' With One Tribe
Galia Orme

Galia Orme

'Chief Partnerships Officer' at One Tribe

Once a month our brand partner and good friends at Ruby Moon organise a “full moon swim” in Brighton to bring together the community and share all things swimwear!


One of the many wonderful things about working at One Tribe is the opportunity to meet and work with brands who are making a genuine  positive impact on climate change. One such brand is Ruby Moon, a sustainable fashion brand and social enterprise based in Brighton, where I live. 

This past week in July, I had the pleasure to take part in what is known as a “full moon swim”- an event that takes place on Brighton and Hove beach every month. The event started with a wonderful group yoga, before running together into the sea to watch the sun set and the moon rise. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Ruby Moon’s full moon meet-ups are helping to bring the community together and realign them with the environment’s natural beauty.

buck moon ruby moon full moon swim

Where It All Began…

I’ve known the founder of Ruby Moon, Jo-Anne Godden, for many years, and was absolutely delighted when she and the team joined One Tribe in March 2022. Jo is a bit of a legend (in her quiet and determined way) and started Ruby Moon back in 2010 as the world’s first and only completely circular, not-for-profit swim and activewear brand. Their aim has always been to clean up the oceans and empower women entrepreneurs around the world. 

Their sustainability credentials are beyond impressive. Ruby Moon  makes swimwear and activewear out of fishing nets, plastic waste from the sea, and recycled swimwear donated to them. On top of that,the actual impact on women’s lives is simply phenomenal. So far Ruby Moon has helped over 2,000 women and their families to find a route out of poverty. Now, Ruby Moon is also able to help protect rainforest and trees and are continuing on their journey to supporting people and our planet.

But Jo’s work goes even further. Two years ago, during the pandemic, Joset up Ruby Moon “Full Moon Swims”- A free event on Brighton & Hove’s beaches. She’s created a special and sacred space that brings together like-minded people, from all ages and walks of life. A new community of people committed to supporting sustainability and joining together to make our world a happier and better place.

The Spectacular Full Moon Swim

I feel so lucky to be a part of this community and to have taken part in the latest Buck Moon Full Moon Swim, on Wednesday July 13th. It was the most exhilarating, uplifting and awe inspiring experience with at least 200 people gathering on Hove beach at 8:45pm. The event started with a wonderful yoga practice with the most spectacular sunset backdrop. After we released our fears and let go of anything that doesn’t work for us anymore. We all ran, whooping and cheering into the sea! It was simply magical, with the last of the sun setting to the west and a stunning red full moon rising to the east the atmosphere was of pure love and joy.

This is what it’s all about for all of us at One Tribe, communing with nature, sharing special moments with others, and feeling that sense of belonging. I was reminded that we are all custodians of our planet and only by working together as one tribe will we be able to continue to protect our planet for us and for future generations.

ruby moon full moon swim brighton july 2022


One Tribe is a B-Corp certified business that helps brands reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment.  For more information about how your brand can start making a positive difference, visit our Product Page for more details.

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