One Tribe Attends Sustainable Brands Summit in Minneapolis this May

Sustainable Brands culture change summit Minneapolis May 2023
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

The Sustainable Brands ‘Brand-Led Culture Change Summit’ is set to take place in Minneapolis this May 2023. One Tribe CEO and founder, Ric Porteus, will be attending the highly anticipated event alongside Hewlett Packard to discuss the launch of ‘net positive’ printing. A new initiative that aims to revolutionise the print and packaging industry while driving positive change for the environment.

What is the Sustainable Brands Summit?

The Sustainable Brands Brand-Led Culture Change Summit stands as a prominent platform that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and change-makers from various sectors. 

The event focuses on exploring and promoting sustainable practices while emphasising cultural and behavioural shifts within an ever-growing growing society. By consolidating professionals and thought leaders, the summit aims to empower individuals and organisations to integrate sustainability into their everyday business models, enabling them to become the drivers of transformative change.

How Will SB Influence Businesses’ Approach to Sustainability?

The relevance of the Sustainable Brands Culture Change Summit cannot be overstated in the face of today’s global sustainability challenges. This event plays a vital role in raising awareness and forming collaboration between sustainability advocates, industry leaders, and changemakers.

By hosting an open space to share knowledge and open up discussion about some of the world’s most pressing socio-environmental matters, the summit serves as a catalyst for implementing innovative solutions that address environmental and social concerns. It places a strong emphasis on adopting sustainability-driven values into the everyday structure of business operations and brand personality, ultimately re-defining the role of businesses in shaping a more sustainable future.

sustainable brands brand led culture change summit 2023

Creating Positive Change

The Sustainable Brands ‘Brand-Led Culture Change’ Summit is instrumental in creating positive change across organisations and the broader community. The event offers a diverse range of engaging sessions, including interactive workshops, panel discussions, and inspiring keynote speeches.

Through these platforms, attendees will gain invaluable insights into strategies, best practices, and real-life case studies that demonstrate the successful integration of sustainability into various aspects of business operations. By sharing experiences and knowledge, participants leave the event equipped with practical tools and a renewed inspiration to initiate positive change within their respective organisations.

For us being a B Corp means working together to build a community of businesses that operate for a greater good. We want to support businesses in taking meaningful climate action and work together to protect the planet and reduce carbon emission linked to business operations.

One Tribe and Hewlett Packard: Launching Net Positive Printing

In preparation for this year’s event, One Tribe has joined forces with Hewlett Packard (HP) to embark on a groundbreaking new venture: the launch of net positive printing.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in reducing the environmental impact of print and packaging technologies. Net positive printing goes beyond conventional approaches to sustainability by seeking to restore and regenerate natural resources affected by printing activities, instead of simply minimising negative impacts.

Through this pioneering initiative, One Tribe and HP are devoted to developing print and packaging technologies that make a positive contribution to the environment. Net positive printing ensures that every page printed has a net positive impact through a mixture of high-grade nature-based solutions including reforestation efforts, biodiversity conservation and IFM carbon offset programs. By pooling their resources, expertise, and shared passion for sustainability, One Tribe and HP aim to revolutionise the print and packaging industry while inspiring other companies to embrace similar principles.


The Sustainable Brands Brand-Led Culture Change Summit serves as an exceptional platform that brings together visionaries, industry leaders, and sustainability enthusiasts to drive positive change. By emphasising the integration of sustainability into brand values and cultural transformation, this summit plays a pivotal role in redefining the responsibilities of businesses in shaping a sustainable future.

One Tribe’s collaboration with Hewlett Packard in launching net positive printing demonstrates their shared commitment to pushing boundaries and revolutionising industries for the betterment of the planet. Through collaborative efforts and events like the summit, we can build a path towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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