New One Tribe Feature is Decarbonising eCommerce Product by Product

decarbonizing ecommerce
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Decarbonizing eCommerce – Introduction

Since One Tribe launched its climate action platform, we have been on a mission decarbonizing eCommerce as quickly as possible. Joined on that mission by brands across the lifestyle sector, including Koi Footwear, Karma Drinks, Gibson Games, Nuzest USA and To The Stars.  Their customers have been protecting rainforest when they purchase, with the majority protecting 100 square metres of rainforest and 5 trees, removing precious carbon from the atmosphere. And now we are launching a feature that will enable them and all One Tribe members who are on the same mission to decarbonizing eCommerce and their businesses. 

What’s the update? 

One Tribe has launched a new feature to decarbonize eCommerce. Which protects the rainforest with every product sold on One Tribe member eCommerce websites, as opposed to every website transaction.  The new feature tracks every product sold and protects the rainforest for each individual item purchased. 

Why is this so exciting? Because it’s a big step in the evolution of the One Tribe platform towards decarbonising eCommerce in the lifestyle space and across the wider eCommerce industry.  To reduce the carbon footprint of the products being sold – One Tribe provides lots of hints and tips on reducing carbon footprints on the One Tribe blog. But what about the remaining footprint? That’s where carbon offsetting comes in.

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The impact

From our customer research, we found that the average number of items in the basket was between 1.8 and 3.5, depending on their industry sector.  Most One Tribe partner brands have been protecting, on average, 100 square metres of rainforest per sale on their website. This protects 5 trees and stores 2.4 tonnes of Carbon – ensuring that it’s not released into the atmosphere.  The recent update means that brands will be protecting between 1.8 and 3.5 times as much rainforest with each transaction!

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Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting is currently done using carbon credits, but carbon credits generally offer very little insight into the projects themselves, and very few of them are actually protecting natural ecosystems.

One Tribe is on a mission to change that – to offer a platform that absorbs and stores carbon using nature’s own ‘technology’; that protects endangered habitats to ensure the survival of endangered species; that saves tribal lands AND provides complete transparency for brands and their customers on the environmental impact.

Removing Carbon Every Year

The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere is called sequestration, and trees are VERY good at it!  Rainforest typically sequesters around 2.6 tonnes of carbon per acre, storing it in the plants that live there, ensuring that it is locked in and not released into the atmosphere.  If we look at this in terms of a single product, or 100 square metres, this equates to around 64 kilos of carbon removed per item purchased.

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Carbon Footprint by Product

So how does this compare to the carbon footprint of the products/items being purchased? We did some research on this and you can find some averages for the carbon footprint of consumer products below:

From this, we can see that protecting 100 square metres of rainforest could absorb more carbon than is created by making each of these products.  In this way, One Tribe member brands can start to move towards being a Climate Positive brand!

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Every Product Purchased Can Remove Carbon

From the 16th of May 2022, every One Tribe brand can protect the rainforest with each product purchased on their site.  Brands who are on the growth subscription will also now be able to ‘Carbon Offset’ the products they sell by adjusting the amount of carbon absorbed with each product sold. 

In this way, their customers can buy Carbon Negative products. Customers will not only the carbon footprint of the product they are purchasing but also the relative amount of carbon being stored with One Tribe.

Imagine if every product purchased online removed more carbon from the atmosphere than it created. That is the One Tribe vision and we won’t stop until we get there…


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