Net Positive Events: An Industry-first Rollout by Mash Media and One Tribe

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Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Together One Tribe and Mash Media have joined forces to launch the future of sustainable events. With a focus on slashing scope 1,2 and 3 emissions, Mash Media is embarking on a thrilling journey towards a greener, more eco-conscious approach to the events and conference sector. As the central hub of the events industry, Mash Media are a key industry partner who are not only showcasing their ESG credentials, but leading by example on how to effectively reduce and compensate for their environmental footprint.

London, United Kingdom, [August, 31, 2023] — One Tribe has recently forged a collaborative partnership with renowned events exhibitors Mash Media, in an ambitious endeavour to begin decarbonising the events sector. This dynamic approach involves reducing scope 1,2, and 3 emissions while further leveraging high integrity carbon offsets to compensate for their remaining carbon footprint now and not in 2040+. By strategically investing in nature-based solutions now, and focusing on net-positive outcomes, Mash Media aims to overcompensate for the emissions produced during the creation of their events including this year’s EN Supplier Awards and CN Sustainability Summit.

The collaboration not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also sets a precedent for the events industry to take proactive measures in mitigating their environmental impact. One Tribe powers this mission by leveraging bespoke API technology that connects event leaders with access to offset projects worldwide. QR code data presented at each event will provide essential data on the event’s carbon footprint, helping event organisers to easily manage and offset their exhibition’s environmental impact and leading the way to becoming net-positive events.

Attendees are able to follow Mash Media’s impact journey for each event by monitoring the ‘trees protected’ per individual attendee. The Mash Media team will utilise One Tribe’s bespoke climate action technology to increase audience engagement, encourage environmental activism, and create an unrivalled opportunity that will encourage many event exhibitors to reflect on their ESG and improve their impact.

“Working with One Tribe allows us to be more transparent with our sustainable goals, while communicating to our exhibitors and attendees how their habits impact our footprint. “Sustainability is something that the industry needs to be acting upon now and our partnership will ensure we are playing our part to promote greener events now, not in 2050.” 

–  Jack Newey, portfolio director, Conference News

By embracing this partnership, One Tribe and Mash Media are determined to inspire change and encourage a shift towards sustainable practices within the events industry. The collaboration symbolises a shared vision of a sustainable, more resilient future and exemplifies the importance of alliances that drive positive environmental impact now.

“Net Zero is an important goal that remains a complicated and often daunting journey to start – together with Mash Media One Tribe look forward to effectively fast tracking the events industry to becoming ‘Net Positive’. It’s time to engage event attendees in certified climate impact now and not later. Global Biodiversity can’t wait until 2050.”

– Ric Porteus, CEO, One Tribe


About One Tribe: One Tribe is a climate action and API technology platform helping businesses and consumers make a positive environmental impact at scale. One Tribe enables businesses to meet their sustainability objectives and achieve Net Zero faster by reducing their carbon footprint, protecting trees and connecting with certified carbon offset projects worldwide. So far they have protected over 78 million trees to date. 

About Mash Media: Mash Media is the leading media and events company serving both the domestic and international event industry. The company has bought together and developed a sector wide portfolio of magazines, handbooks, events and exhibitions that allow event professionals to meet, do business, recruit, learn and make better business decisions.

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