Social Agency Monde Social Joins One Tribe To Save Rainforests

Social Agency Monde Social Joins One Tribe To Save Rainforest
Bronagh Laughlin

Bronagh Laughlin

Meet the team behind Monde Social- a full-service content creation agency who are helping brands produce character-defining content.


Monde Social has now joined One Tribe to save the rainforests. The content agency takes businesses to another level of online success by offering brand identity and management services.  

Partnering with us at One Tribe is Monde Social’s first step toward becoming a more sustainable business. Now that founder Katie and her team have built the business successfully, they are focusing on becoming more eco-friendly to save the planet. 

We’re thrilled to have been their first step and look forward to watching their journey to becoming a more environmentally-conscious brand. Continue reading to learn more about Monde Social, what environmental practices they have already implemented and their plans for the future.

Who is Monde Social?

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photo credit: Monde Social

Monde Social is a full-service Content Creation Agency based in London. Working with disrupting start-ups and globally recognised brands across the luxury and premium landscape.

The team has worked with a number of global brands to elevate their social presence online – offering everything from video production, content creation, social elevation to creative direction and consultancy.

The business is all about using provoking and impactful content to help businesses achieve their mission. Monde Social is a team of six creative experts who are naturally ambitious and dedicated to each of their client accounts. When working with clients, they consider themselves a part of their team rather than their agency. 

The brand has the vision to create genuine partnerships with its clients and is always looking for new growth opportunities. What sets Monde Social apart from other agencies is that they are as supportive, reactive, and dedicated to their client’s business needs as any staff member.

How Did Monde Social Begin?

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photo credit: Monde Social

Monde Social was founded by Katie Whitley, who wanted to build a successful content, branding, and design agency that prioritises authentic storytelling. She recognised that marketing was no longer just about a company’s products and endless calls to action but more so about the stories brands tell.

These stories tap into the customer psychology and lead to them to connect better with a brand’s products and services. This is what led to the birth of Monde Social. When Katie started her agency, she had a lot of experience and knowledge from her background as a content creator. Katie knew what audiences were looking for when engaging with a brand and had the creativity to bring that to life.

Katie was aware from this experience that branding and content were far more than simply surface-level design. Instead, they are a brand’s identity and are how you communicate with your audience. These core aspects should sit at the heart of everything a brand does and allow the audience to connect with businesses in ways that help them build a strong, loyal and engaged community of people.

The digital space is highly competitive, so partnering with a strong creative content agency can put your brand on the map. One and a half years later, Monde Social is helping brands better position themselves by creating unique and impactful branded content that reflects their visual identity, ethos, and tone of voice. 

They ensure their work always feels authentic to the brand’s identity. Working with Monde Social, they can help brands unlock their full potential on a visual level. The agency was initially known as Kreate Ldn, but Katie decided to rebrand as the business is refreshing its messaging and approach to be more environmentally conscious and better serve its clients.

How Are Monde Social Taking Steps To Become a More Sustainable Brand?

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photo credit: Unsplash

Partnering with One Tribe is Monde Social’s first step to becoming a more sustainable brand. Founder Katie Whitley was inspired by the work we do at One Tribe and wanted to be part of it- and we are super pleased to have her! 

Katie cared about people and the planet and wanted to make a positive impact with her business. Through working with us, Monde Social will be doing its part to protect rainforests across the globe and empower indigenous tribes. 

Speaking on why she decided to join the tribe, Katie said: 

“I decided to partner with One Tribe because I’ve watched their journey since they first started. I developed a relationship with some of the team and have enjoyed witnessing their growth. I thought taking action and becoming more sustainable aligns well with the client base we have and was a great opportunity to start our sustainability journey at Monde Social.”

While our partnership is their first environmental initiative, Monde Social have advocated positive social practices from day one. The team works with local charities through their client’s brands to help those in need, as well as working alongside some impact-driven brands who are assisting in the fight against climate change.  

What Lies Ahead for Monde Social?


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photo credit: Monde Social

Monde Social is on an exciting journey, and it is inspiring to see them implement sustainable practices within their business. They have been in business for a year and a half and are already looking for ways they can have a positive impact on the world. 

Regarding other developments within Monde Social, Katie is excited to start a new business soon, which will further widen their services for their clients. This will help enhance the client experience and deliver even higher quality content for their customers.

Katie is also predicting further growth and will be onboarding several new clients this year, some of which are working within sustainability and are impact driven. Monde Social is also excited to be launching its brand new website in the coming months and working to become even more eco-conscious. 

They will be revamping their messaging, the type of work they are doing, and incorporating more sustainable systems within their brand. Their rebrand will ultimately serve as a refresh and truly reflects what they are trying to achieve.


We are so delighted to welcome Monde Social to the Tribe. They are a perfect example of a business that is working to give back and look after the planet. Despite not having a green product or being an environmental business, they still have found ways to engage in the climate movement and take action.

Working with us, they will save rainforests and protect trees from deforestation. They recognise the importance of taking action and securing a more sustainable world. Our missions couldn’t be more aligned, and we are excited to see them grow sustainably and become a true climate hero. 

Even if you don’t have a green product, you can still help in the fight against climate change. Find out more about our partnership programme here and how you can use your business to have a positive impact. 

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