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Dan Wood

Dan Wood

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We are taking a gander at the brand, values and range of one of our first partners in the fashion world, Goose Studios. We’ll discuss the brand and why it got involved in sustainable fashion. We’ll then discuss some of the influences and what it is now doing to achieve a great sustainable fashion range. We’ll chat e-commerce, how we came to partner with them and what we have achieved together with them in the fashion space.

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Who are Goose Studios and why our they sustainable fashion partners

We tell the story of one of our first sustainable fashion partners, Goose Studios. A 100% organic clothing company, whose founders were inspired by Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard. It opened their eyes to a different way of doing business, which led them to make the change from consumers to business owners. Being the second most polluting industry (After oil) the team likewise went into ethical fashion, focusing on organic cotton. Advocating regularly to their customers to buy less, and better quality clothing.

The team has regularly endorsed the conservation work promoted by David Attenborough. Also, they have supported the thought leadership offered by Greta Thunberg on environmentalism, and Akala regarding race issues and equality. Working with the team we were able to collaboratively achieve the following with them: 

  • Increases in initial newsletter signups of 20%
  • A drop in acquisition costs for their CRM database of 10% from paid campaigns 
  • An increase in sales for promoted products of 20%
  • They are visibly noticing an improvement in customer engagement and increased loyalty from customers. 

Combined the team has gone on to achieve a sales conversion rate of 42%. 22% ahead of target, on promoted products. Which has enabled both teams to protect over 40,000 trees and trap over 40 tonnes of carbon as of January 2021. 

Sam and Richard - Goose studios - Full credit to Goose studios - Supporting sotory about sustainable fashion partners
photo credit: goose studios

Who are Goose Studios and why our they sustainable fashion partners

Let’s start with the basics – Who are Goose Studios? Goose Studios is a UK-based 100% organic clothing company. Goose Studios make men’s and women’s clothing that in their own words ‘doesn’t cost the earth.’ Selling online using a Shopify-based website, which, quite impressively, they have got a 4.8-star rating from following over 200 reviews! Managing it’s a community of subscribers via email, on Mailchimp, and on Instagram. They also publish news on their website on a semi-regular basis. Posting up about music they love,  ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘going plastic-free’ and ‘thinking sustainably’. 

Goose Studios was founded by Sam Taylor and Richard Smith who both got inspired back in 2016 when reading a book. That book, ‘Let My people go surfing: The education of a reluctant businessman’ by Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard. The Independent writes:  ‘Yvon is not very well known in Britain. But in the US and, in mainland Europe, he is revered as the founder of Patagonia which makes outdoor clothing. Clothing that is not only effective for skiers, climbers, and the like but is also among the most stylish of its type.’ 

‘Patagonia (with levels of sales at more than $200m a year in 2015) is an example of how a company run by a person with strong beliefs can use its products and market them. For Sam and Richard, it opened their eyes to a different way of doing business. One which realised that whenever they created or bought a product there is always an impact on the earth. As wannabe eco-conscious consumers they understood that it was their job to make their impact as small as possible. When using, enjoying and disposing of any product. The problem was in the fashion industry they knew. One of high-street affordable fast fashion. Labelled as the second most polluting industry in the world – after oil.’  

With that, they stopped being just a consumer, but also a business owner. 

Goose Studios - beach shot - supporting story about sustainable fashion partners
photo credit: goose studios

So it was that Goose Studios was hatched into the sustainable, ethical fashion industry 

Way-back-when in 2016, Sam and Rich started looking at sustainable fashion. They were quickly greeted by hemp ponchos and clothing ready for a day-off at Everest base-camp. Or premium brands justifying crazy price tags by claiming sustainable credentials. Nothing they wanted to view regularly on their Instagram feeds any time soon. So they learnt as much as they could about sustainable and ethical fashion. Then what the industry might come to look like. Then how they could become a part of it. 

They started by sourcing reasonably priced organic cotton basics. A product that everyone could love for years to come. Then they formulated a simple mantra that still guides them today. 

“Good Times, Organically Sourced”
Wear great clothes. Have some fun. Help save the planet. Simple! 
sustainable-fashion-partners One of the best ethical fashion labels - Full credit to harper's bazaar
photo credit: goose studios

Sustainable fashion partners, Goose Studios, use 100% GOTS certified cotton

The team not only put sustainability and ethics first but have gone on to fulfil its mission for sustainable fashion. Firstly, through 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics. Secondly by only using plastic-free packaging. They are also members of the Fairwear Foundation. This ensures their supply chain is ethical with good worker rights in use. They have also become a PETA-approved Vegan brand. For the team though there is a key question they ask of themselves and their customers. ‘Do you really need to buy this?’ 

It sees the impact of the fashion world coming from when we as consumers buy something new. It challenges their customers openly to consider if they should buy, only then, buying a t-shirt or sweat from them in confidence and out of need.  When customers shop anywhere they hope they’ll take four words with them ‘buy less, buy better’. A little revolution with every purchase made, lived through consumers individually buying better. Together, changing an industry, and maybe even helping to save the world.

Goose Studio’s little revolution in the fashion space 

With the product clearly thought through and the industry selected, Goose Studios then need to work within the marketplace. And within 4 years they have certainly spoken up. Firstly to a modest following on Instagram, openly engaging a community of nearly 5,000 followers. They openly poured out love for David Attenborough on his 93rd and 94th. ‘Celebrating the big man and the transformative effect that Sir David’s programmes have had. In the last decade across a whole manner of debates. From plastic in the oceans to the existential threat this planet faces from climate change.’

They have openly discussed and promoted social issues, promoting what they call an ‘essential read’. Further, they have shared Akala’s Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire’, discussing race and power structures in the UK. They also openly discuss excessive clothes buying, discouraging it. In one post discussing how ‘In the summer of 2019, the UK spent £2.7 billion on more than 50 million outfits that would only be worn once.’ When promoting black Friday in 2020, they teamed up with The Evening Standard Mag, My Wardrobe HQ and Blue Marine Foundation to promote a green sale. Asking consumers to buy less and more wisely, ensuring they use many times the wear they go on to buy. 

Attenborough on the BBC news ' People thought we were cranks' - Full credit to the BBC - Supporting story about sustainable fashion partners
photo credit: theguardian.com

Established sustainable fashion partners, it made sense for them to join the Tribe

Well, that was the longest introduction we have probably given, ever! Goose Studios was one of our very first One Tribe members and the first we ever delivered a case study with. With one of the strongest and outspoken voices regarding the kind of industry and world, they want to see. But having been on such a journey and developed such strong values before even establishing itself, it made for one of the easiest partnerships we have formed.

“Goose Studios were pretty much One Tribe’s first customer back in 2019. The product was in its infancy but Sam and Rich saw the potential for engaging and converting more customers through collective climate action. Some of our product features were a direct result of product discussions with Goose Studios!”      Tom Rickey – One Tribe’s Head of Growth 

Let’s get into the numbers – How did our sustainable fashion partners get on? 

Let’s talk numbers. Whilst the partnership was not about generating sales, but doing a little good, many consumers are looking to do good as they shop. For Goose Studios, they have seen an improvement in sales conversion rates of 42% on promoted products. Promoted by email campaigns on Mailchimp, with traffic passed through to their Shopify website. They have also seen the following goals achieved: 

  • Increases in initial newsletter signups of 20%
  • A drop in acquisition costs for their CRM database of 10% from paid campaigns 
  • An increase in sales for promoted products of 20%
  • They are visibly noticing an improvement in customer engagement and increased loyalty from customers. 

The success was a joint effort. We worked with Goose Studios to change the existing messaging in newsletter signups. This promoted rainforest protection with every new customer. We worked with them to create an automated email follow-up, sending customers a digital rainforest saver badge. We also worked with the team to develop rainforest incentives to promote product ranges. Customers could visibly see how many trees that could protect with certain products. Usually saving 20 or 50 trees.

Image of bar chart showing a 42% increase in sales conversions

And that’s not all, let look at the first 4 months of the partnership

A bit of time later, and the team improved newsletter sign-ups to 32%. This was 12% ahead of the target we had wanted to achieve, averaged over 4 months. It reduced the team’s cost of acquisition by 21% (11% ahead of target). And this is where we collectively achieved the team’s sales conversion rate of 42%. 22% ahead of target, on promoted products. Thanks to the work of goose Studios, they are definitely now a certified ‘Climate Action Hero!’ They have been able to protect over 41,000 trees as of January 2021. That is a little over 40 acres, storing over 100 tonnes of CO2. 

Thank you, Sam, Richard & Goose Studios

It has been a real privilege working with Goose Studios and making the partnership such a great success! Not only that, but we have had referrals and new members of the Tribe off the back of the great work the team has done. We look forward to another great year with our sustainable fashion partners. Are you a business owner looking to make your business more sustainable? If so check out Goose Studios case study and the business tools available to help you on your way.

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