How To Dispose Of Your Pumpkin Sustainably In 2022

7 ways toto dispose of pumpkins
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham


It’s spooky season, but at One Tribe we’re conscious about how to keep your Halloween a nice Hallow-green. A super sustainable way of doing that? Paying attention to your pumpkins and finding out how to dispose of pumpkins more sustainably.

Keep reading to learn how you can dispose of your pumpkins this Halloween

1.Bake Your Pumpkins Into Delicious Recipes

Cut the pumpkin in to pieces, bake it in the oven and make pumpkin puree. From the puree, you can make a variety of recipes from pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to pumpkinsoup, vegan and gluten-free pumpkin pancakes and our all-time autumnal favourite, pumpkin pie. 

If you have a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin, you may find the best thing to do is use the pumpkin puree to make homemade pumpkin-spiced liqueur. The texture of the pumpkin flesh won’t matter in this type of recipe.

So, the first step to disposing your pumpkin? Don’t dispose of it! Turn it into something super tasty – and have it for starter, main and dessert!

how to dispose of pumpkins turn your pumpkins into pumpkin soup recipes
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2. Donate Your Pumpkin To Charity

Depending on the condition of your pumpkin, explore the options for donating it to your local food pantry or food cupboard. If you don’t like the taste, someone else might – so have a go at a recipe, and if it’s not for you, donate it to someone else in your community. After all, pumpkins are delicious, nutritious and create wonderful warming dishes!

how to dispose of pumpkins give them to your local food bank
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3. Feed Animals At The Zoo

Humans aren’t the only species that like the taste of pumpkins. Zoos accept pumpkins as a nutritious and entertaining snack for animals like big cats and bears.

Reach out to your local Zoo to see if they would like to have your leftover pumpkins for animal feed. You’ll most likely find they will greatly appreciate your contribution, plus! it’s a totally zero waste approach that helps keep wildlife happy and healthy.

leemur looking into a pumpkin for food
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4. Use Your Pumpkin As A Planter

A useful way to dispose of pumpkins is to use them as a festive planter. They won’t last forever, but it is a brilliant way to contain a plant temporarily. Simply top your pumpkin up with some soil or compost and place in a few of your favourite flowers.

Alternatively, you can add in some seeds and bury it in your garden.

As the pumpkin decomposes over the winter, the soil will become warmer and healthier – and with any luck, a springtime harvest will prosper from last year’s pumpkins.

pumpkin patch with lots of fully grown pumpkins on the soil
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5. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are packed full of nutrients. They are low in carbs, high in protein and healthy fats, and are an excellent source of iron and calcium. If you don’t fancy them yourself, try popping them in a bird feeder and letting the local wildlife enjoy them instead.

fresh green pumpkin seeds on a natural burlap background
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6. Give Your Pumpkin To The Chickens

Speaking of feathered friends, have you considered giving your pumpkin to some chickens (or any kind of poultry)? Whether you own chickens yourself, or know someone else who does, providing a chicken-friendly snack is certainly a sustainable way of disposing of your pumpkin. Considering they are loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E, and zinc, they can help keep chickens healthy – and you might even get some free eggs in return!

chickens in the garden looking for food
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7. Compost It

Chop up your pumpkin into bite size pieces and add them to your compost pile: or you can even bury them in the garden, creating nutrient-rich soil. If you’d rather not have a whole fleet of pumpkins growing up next year, be sure to remove the seeds first!

smiling pumpkin in the ground slowly decaying and composting
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Each year millions of pumpkins are wasted and end up in landfill, which is such a waste of organic food matter. By understanding how to dispose of pumpkins after Halloween in a sustainable way, you are ensuring that you are being resourceful, ethical and sustainable – whatever the season!

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