How is Bamboo Helping to Save the Planet?

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Panda London

Discover how the world’s most ethical resource loved by both panda’s and eco-lovers alike is saving the planet…


At Tribe, we’re delighted to feature a guest blog from our friends over at Panda Life UK. The Panda team know all about the magic of Bamboo. If fact, we’d go as far to say that they’re the experts when it comes to making the most of the world’s most eco-conscious resource. Their expertise is adorned throughout their stunning range of supple and sumptuous bedding, so we highly recommend you dive in and take a nap! 

photo credit: Sophia Ayame / Unsplash

How is Bamboo helping to Save the Planet?


Do you ever gaze out of the window and dream of a better world? You’re not alone. With global warming on the rise, more of us than ever are looking for ways to take better care of the planet.

From going vegan, walking more to regular beach clean-ups, it is uplifting to see the small changes that can make a difference. Better yet, there is a wonder plant that is also keen to lend a hand…

Bamboo is shaking up the global textile industry and fast becoming the go-to fabric for many lifestyle essentials. And there is no surprise why, Bamboo makes the softest bedding, fluffiest towels and much more. Though the real magic of Bamboo? It is helping to save our planet. 

     1. Bamboo is an incredible, renewable resource

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some nippy species growing up to 3 feet a day. What’s more, Bamboo has a self-sufficient growth system, meaning there is no need for additional planting.

It seems there is no stopping this wonder plant, bamboo thrives in a wide range of climates from the mountains to wetlands. Relying on little more than water and sunshine and with such an incredible growth rate Bamboo is one of the planet’s most renewable resources. No wonder it landed a spot in the Guinness Book of World records. 

bamboo purifies the air
Photo credit: Jessica Weiller / Unsplash

     2. Bamboo purifies our air

Reducing pollution is one of the biggest challenges in our modern world. From traffic, air travel and a multitude of other toxins it is hard to know where to start.

Bamboo provides one big sigh of relief. Bamboo removes ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air. This is why it makes for a great house plant!

Bamboo can remove an impressive 35% more carbon dioxide than regular trees. Removing greenhouse gases is all in a day’s work for this magical plant, another way it makes the planet smile. 

bamboo toothbrush in bathroom with charcoal bristles
photo credit: Nacho Fernandez / Unsplash

      3. Bamboo can make almost anything 

Bamboo is unbelievably versatile, the list of things it can make is never ending! From the comfiest PJs to the snuggliest bedding, it seems there is not much this wonder plant can’t weave its magic into! Yep- even toothbrushes.

This is good news for the planet as the more we can rely on renewable resources to keep up with our demanding lifestyles the more we protect the environment. We can all play a part in learning more about sustainable resources and looking for ways to rely on them more in our daily lives. Bamboo is one way to make it easy!

indoor bamboo plant for the bedroom
photo credit: TheSpruce / PhoebeCheong

4. Bamboo helps make homes eco-friendly

There is no place like home, and this is where we can all take steps towards being more eco-friendly. 

Bamboo provides a great alternative to many of our everyday essentials. From naturally fluffy towels for the bathroom, to warm, snug rugs for your bedroom.

What’s more, is shopping for bamboo products with brands like Panda is a great way to support sustainable business. Our actions and choices will help inspire others to make eco-friendly switches in their own homes and encourage retailers to take steps towards making their own production processes more eco-friendly. 

cute panda eating bamboo
photo credit: Michael Payne / Unsplash

     5. Bamboo feeds our Panda’s

It’s not just us humans that love Bamboo, Panda are also a big fan!

In fact, they find it delicious chomping down on up to 38kg on the plant. At least we know they are getting their greens in!


Protecting our wildlife is at the heart of any vision of a better future, bamboo plays a big part in sustaining one of our favourite species. And with the speed, it grows at they never have to worry about running out. This is a good job as, like us, Pandas can’t get enough of the wonderful stuff!

Taking care of our beautiful world is something we can all play a part in when we know-how. The more knowledge we have, the more we can share and inspire those around us! From using sustainable fabrics to eating more green’s( like our Panda’)  small changes make a big difference and with effort in time, together we can light this planet right up!


Thank you to Panda Life for sharing this wonderful story with us. Part of One Tribe’s commitment to protecting the Rainforest is its involvement in various schemes that simultaneously act as wildlife conservationist projects, as well as protecting trees.

We are always looking to work with brands to protect both wildlife and the planet to prepare for a more sustainable future! 

Take a look at how to become a member of the Tribe, and start saving trees, animals and the future today.

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