Eco-Friendly Geckota are Calling Time on Climate Change

Joe Ronan

Joe Ronan

Geckota watches

Super slick, eco-friendly watch designers Gekota and their partners are calling time on climate change by “Going positive” with their entire manufacturing process. Their carbon emissions are officially zero! Using renewable electricity and investing in offsetting projects to make the planet a more sustainable place. Good for the Earth, and great on your wrist.

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Who is Geckota? 

First and foremost, Geckota Watches and their sister companies Watch Gecko, Forzo watches, and Zuludiver was a passion project born out of a love for truly high-quality watchmaking. As well as a belief in a progressive approach to design. An ever-growing company, these guys started out as a small seller on eBay. Now, they run a hugely successful eCommerce platform. Founder Jonathan Quinn says, 

“Our vision is to sell watches at honest and considered prices, and with enthusiasm for high-quality products”. 

All of their pieces are made with intense attention to detail across the brands, illustrating the team’s passion for horology. (That’s fancy talk for watchmaking, by the way.) Not just stopping at gorgeous watches, they also have eco-friendly straps and watch faces to choose from, with watches for the more active ethical shopper, too. 

Geckota watches are made durable and wearable, as stylish as they are tough. They are as suited to wild outdoor adventures as they are to an office or a swanky party. With carbon neutrality under their belt, it’s never been easier to shop sustainably while looking great! 

Deforestation by illegal amazon gold mines in the amazon rainforest by buzzfeed news

Eco-friendly Luxury 

When we think of an eco-friendly lifestyle and fashion, I doubt we think much about luxury pieces. Hopefully, fast fashion is on its way out. Given that people are campaigning for change on the Earth’s behalf, the spotlight is increasing on ethical brands and sustainability. 

The great news is that when you invest in a luxury piece, it’s a long-term deal. There’s no risk of it wearing out quickly or going “off-trend.” Nevertheless, there are still gremlins in the system. High-quality products mean high-quality supplies, and with watches, quite often this high-quality supply is gold.

The Amazon rainforest is a prime target for gold miners both illegal and legal. New research published by The Journal of Applied Ecology suggests that sites that have been used for gold mining show absolutely no regeneration over a 5-year course. 

The Mercury used to process the gold also causes huge problems (it being toxic and all), making its way into the soil and into the Amazon’s water systems. Mercury can poison marine wildlife and thus all who live there.

Luxury items that last for generations are fantastic, but like everything, it’s always best to shop from a sustainable brand that brings eco-friendly receipts. 

Geckota is smashing climate action goals 

Far from being just a sustainable lifestyle brand, Geckota is making strides in positive climate action. They now use 100% renewable energy making them completely carbon neutral, way to go! None of their products from the design to the manufacturing process deplete the natural world.

These guys are also completely transparent with everything they do, so you know that your products are coming from an eco-friendly standpoint.

solar powered electricity featuring Geckotas four brands, Watch Gecko, Geckota, Zuludiver and forzo watches

Over 10 years, Geckota has been growing their sustainability too 

Geckota also invests in carefully selected offsetting projects. All of their projects have been certified to reduce carbon emissions and have strong additional benefits. For instance, their most recent project providing safe drinking water to people in Cambodia.

The ceramic filters they provide shift people away from using wood or charcoal, reducing deforestation and proving water that’s safe for drinking. 

Over the past 10 years, Geckota hasn’t only grown their watch designs, turning a small eBay store into a booming eCommerce store, they have been growing their sustainability too. We will be seeing more positive climate action from them as the brand grows!

Zuludivers banner image featuring four surfers on the beach

Geckota’s ethical and eco-friendly brand family 


Geckota keeps positive climate action in the family. Zuludiver’s goal is to provide all of its products with recycled and sustainable materials. This is a super cool process that Zuludiver is working on in materials made out of discarded apple skin. 

Furthermore, all of their paper is recycled. It is also 100% FSC approved, meaning there’s no deforestation happening here! Nature is in this brand’s DNA, making eco-friendly watch straps that withstand almost anything your active lifestyle has to throw at it. 

Zuludiver believes in the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which is the concept of continual improvement. Being passionate about providing quality eco-friendly products that don’t impact the environment goes hand in hand with style and ruggedness for these guys.

And, with more eco-friendly lines on the horizon, the brand is encompassing sustainability and fashion all in one place.

Image of a high speed motorsport car with a Forzo watch over the top
Forzo Watches

Forzo watches specialise in cutting edge design. Taking inspiration from the classic themes of motorsport and mixing it with a little bit of classic style, this eco-friendly brand makes watches that scream class. Its unique mix of “made in Britain” charm means that every watch from Forzo is meant to last generations. Super sustainable and super chic. Forzo say, 

“This is the enduring bravery, skill, beauty, and fortitude that FORZO pays tribute to with its lovingly crafted motorsport watches”

Tree Protection - Climate action page for Gocketa

Gekota is saving the rainforest with One Tribe 

These sustainable brands are saving the rainforest one purchase at a time with us, protecting precious Amazon trees with every purchase! On every site you’ll be able to see a tree counter, to see just how style and sustainability can work perfectly together.

Ready to take climate action? 

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