Charmed by a Cause Joins One Tribe to Protect The Amazon

Charmed by a Cause Joins One Tribe to Protect The Amazon
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Fine jewellery experts ‘Charmed by a Cause’ sit down with One Tribe to share their secrets in the art of giving, and living, sustainably.


The team at Charmed by a Cause understand that a passion for a better planet should be the beating heart of any business – whatever the sector. Charmed by a Cause have created the modern blueprint for ecommerce brands that shows how they can scaffold their business model around creating a positive impact on the wider world. And it starts by giving.

Charmed by a Cause – Meet NYC’s finest jewellery brand

charmed by a cause jewellery
photo credit: Charmed by a Cause

When it comes to passion, Charmed by a Cause has plenty. So much so that they decided to embark on a mission that would unite their passion across three main ideas:

  • Sustainability in production
  • Fairness in the marketplace
  • Supporting important causes

Their aim was simple- To create a one-of-a-kind business that would create and sell gorgeous sustainable jewellery whilst serving communities and companies seeking to make a positive difference.

How do Charmed by a Cause make jewellery more sustainable?

As well as the opportunity to form meaningful connections and give back to communities and the environment, Charmed by a Cause designs timeless jewellery and charms that are made to inspire. 

To be more specific – they work with organisations and non-profits to create jewellery with a purpose.

Whether it’s to help raise awareness, or funds, or represent a brand, or even start a conversation, their jewellery speaks for itself and inspires those who see it and wear it to do so with a cause in mind.

Why NYC?

charmed by a cause new york city
photo credit: Charmed by a Cause

Too often the jewellery that we buy is made somewhere in the Far East – where working conditions are poorly regulated, employees are paid a fraction of a Western wage and the production process is designed with cost and speed in mind- as opposed to sustainability or ethics. 

That’s why Charmed by a Cause proudly promotes that their products are all handcrafted in the heart of New York City- their local town. This allows them to attest full transparency to their consumers about what is going on behind the scenes of their business. They value their responsibility to provide adequate care for their employees and, knowing that they are right around the corner, can always check in to watch their brand magic unfold.

The Secret Ingredients

small lab grown diamonds
photo credit: Unsplash

Charmed by a Cause’s products are designed and made with completely sustainable materials; 100% recycled 14kt gold, and sterling silver makes up the metals used in the brand’s jewellery, and all natural stones are sourced ethically and reliably.

Now, get this. Their diamonds are either lab grown or reclaimed. That means diamond harvesting no longer needs to have a direct impact on the planet – or cost a fortune! But don’t snub your nose up at manufactured diamonds. Experts have even said that lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds. The only exception being that they are grown in a lab. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Charmed by a Cause has taken the extra step to reduce their carbon footprint by teaming with a production partner in NYC that ensures all jewellery is created by emitting the least amount of carbon possible.

Oh – and if the materials weren’t enough to convince you that Charmed by a Cause are selling sustainable jewellery – since they’ve joined the Tribe, each sale will now protect the rainforest, too.

What About The Cost?

photo credit: Charmed by a Cause

Ethical businesses always face the price challenge – sustainable options and choices come at a greater price (but lower cost to the planet and population). 

Charmed by a Cause believe that even sustainable jewellery should “adorn rather than cost an arm and a leg”. The team is committed to keeping their prices as fair as possible while fully embracing the costs of an eco-conscious approach. Having their design and manufacturing process nearby reduces transportation costs – and these savings are transferred straight over to the customers.

So, Who’s Behind It?

After gaining both experience and respect through their line of costume jewellery, Rumblefish owners Regan Caton and Betsy Milliken wanted to invest their skills and notoriety into something bigger and better for the planet. 

Their costume pieces already attracted praise from the likes of Vogue, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and more. So the duo set off to surely attract a high-profile audience again. But this time, what they had to offer had a much more noble cause. 

United by passion and friendship, Regan and Betsy launched Charmed By a Cause, redefining the landscape for socially and environmentally responsible businesses with their new, luxury sustainable jewellery brand.

Retailers or Fundraisers?

Charmed by a Cause is changing the dynamic of fundraising once and for all. 

As e-commerce boomed throughout the pandemic, Charmed by a Cause decided to launch a free and innovative way for people to raise money for chosen causes, that didn’t require costs and an in-person presence. It’s difficult to host a bake sale or jumble sale via Zoom calls, but by introducing the Charmed by a Cause Shopping Fundraiser, giving just got a whole lot easier. 

Essentially – if you invite your network to a Charmed by a Cause Fundraiser, 20% of each piece purchased from all of their collections will be donated to your cause at the end of the event. They will also share your fundraiser on the Charmed for Cause social media. Now that’s marketing for a cause.

What’s more, Charmed by a Cause are committed to transparency, especially when it comes to deploying funds. This means you and your network will be able to view the exact amount of their purchase that will go straight to your selected non-profit, school or organisation.

A Global Community

Charmed by a Cause gives 10% of the purchase price from all of their sustainable jewellery to the cause partner that you select at checkout. Guest charities include the likes of Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation, Littlewish Foundation and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. No matter where you are in the world, Charmed by a Cause is committed to you – committing to helping – and committed to the planet.

Welcome To The Tribe

What we love the most about Charmed by a Cause is the fact that, like us at One Tribe, they won’t ever stop trying to make the world a better place. 

Their fundraising efforts, extraordinary sustainable jewellery, and charity donations are a demonstration that they put passion before profit. Now, Charmed by a Cause are protecting the trees with every sale on their site. 

This sustainable jewellery brand is proving that whatever your sector, whatever your skill, we all have the power – and responsibility – to make a difference, support a cause, protect the rainforest and create a better planet.

We’ve well and truly been Charmed by a Cause. 


The tale of Charmed by a Cause really is a charming one indeed. 

Through their giving efforts, and sustainable working practices,  we are better able to understand the way in which this unique jewellery brand is working to make sustainability an accessible space.

One Tribe are delighted to announce that Charmed by a Cause are now working alongside us to protect rainforests and reduce their carbon footprint for good!

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