Carbon Offsetting Solutions for your Business

carbon offsetting solutions for your business

Find out more about carbon offsetting schemes and the various carbon offsetting solutions that are available for your business. Carbon Offsetting solutions will give your business the ability to become carbon neutral. Without a carbon offsetting solution it will be almost impossible to make your business fully carbon negative. 

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Dan Wood

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Carbon offsetting solutions for your business

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to counteract greenhouse gas emissions emitted through lifestyle and operational choices by reducing emissions somewhere else. By purchasing carbon offsets, an individual or business compensates for their emissions and effectively reduces their carbon footprint. Carbon offset credits are then invested into projects in fields such as renewable energy, forest management, landfill gas capture, carbon-free nuclear, water conservation, and more. 

While reducing your carbon footprint is ideal, it’s impossible to completely eliminate greenhouse gas-emitting activities from your home or business entirely. Carbon offsetting empowers you to mitigate the impact of unavoidable carbon emissions through monetary contributions. By contributing to a carbon offsetting program, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but also acting as a catalyst for a greener future by investing in green technologies and actions.

Reducing the carbon footrpint of your construction project - Stonemark construction management
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Focus: New project, Construction-based carbon offsetting solution

Whether a business or just an individual looking to offset carbon emissions, Native Energy offers practical and efficient ways to tackle climate change while fostering the growth of renewable energies through their trademarked Help Build program. The Help Build program helps offset carbon emissions from new projects before any emissions occur. 

Upfront funding helps close funding gaps that stall projects to help them move forward while making sure that carbon offsetting techniques throughout the project are being used. Individuals and businesses can use NativeEnergy’s carbon footprint calculator to quantify greenhouse gas emissions. The calculator utilizes internationally accepted methods to help generate a number.  Once carbon offsets are purchased, the calculations are run through third-party verification to ensure that offsetting ensues.

Machu Picchu is now the world's first carbon neutral tourism based carbon offsetting solution - Full Credit to Times of India
Image Credit to Times of India

Sustainable Travel International

Focus: Travel & Tourism based carbon offsetting solution

The business model for Sustainable Travel International is to support travel and tourism industries in vulnerable areas while helping with sustainable initiatives. According to the program, approximately 8% of the world’s carbon emissions come from the tourism industry, which makes it a large catalyst for climate change. Each time that an individual travels, they are generating carbon emissions through the fuel burned on the flight, transportation, and more. Sustainable Travel International allows companies and individuals to purchase carbon offset credits which are in turn invested into certified carbon offsetting projects. Examples of projects include wind farms, planting trees, and more.

solar based carbon offsetting - Full credit to The Toledo Blade
Image credit to The Toledo Blade

Green Mountain Energy

Focus: Solar based carbon offsetting solution

Green Mountain Energy is set to balance the impact of carbon emissions with carbon offsets. The program adheres to high standards and is supported by over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. The Green-e Climate certification program is a third-party global leader in carbon offsetting programs that are sourced by Green Mountain Energy. Instead of an internal carbon footprint calculator, Green Mountain Energy allows for the EPA’s Carbon Footprint Calculator to be used which increases transparency. Examples of carbon offsets for purchase include travel packages, commuter packages, lifestyle packages, and more.

Renewable energy to overtake natural gas by 2035 - Full credit to interesting engineering
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WGL Energy

Focus: Electricity, Natural Gas, Renewable Energies, Carbon Reduction

Whether a family in the suburbs, a small local business or a mega-corporation, WGL Energy has carbon offsetting solutions for everyone. Founded in 1996, WGL Energy understands the value of a dollar and is committed to supporting sustainable initiatives with a budget-conscious approach. For each carbon offset purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards their Carbon Reduction Fund which ultimately helps new projects reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Reduction Fund is focused on improving air and water quality in Chesapeake Bay.


Focus: Educational focused carbon offsetting solution

The Myclimate program takes a grass-roots approach by empowering companies, teachers, and parents alike to become educators that will help shape the future of carbon emissions for the better. The program makes it simple to calculate carbon offset no matter the source of emissions. Whether a flight, commute by car, a vacation cruise, or even a business activity, the Myclimate calculator makes it easy. A portion of carbon offsets goes towards education projects such as training for teachers and young innovators. There is also a job board posted to put individuals in touch with companies that support the mission.

Climate change food calculator - What's your diet's carbon footprint - Full credit to the BBC
Image credit to the BBC

Cool Effect

Focus: Climate Change focused platform

Cool Effects set out to make purchasing carbon offsets as simple as possible. Their in-house calculator helps identify the footprint of both business operations and individual emissions within minutes. The program estimates that each American generates a total of 16.6 tonnes of carbon per year. Cool Effect makes it possible to offset 1 tonne for just $9.02. The program verifies that carbon is truly offset through a rigorous process of sourcing trustworthy projects. It operates as a crowdfunding platform.

Joint waste solutions -Full credit to LinkedIn
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Focus: Nature, Climate Change, Waste & Pollution

Clear is the most reliable carbon offsetting solution in the world thanks to its strict vetting process of projects. Carbon offsetting has grown to become a ‘catchword’ to allow companies to emit greenhouse gasses without the guilt, all while the carbon offsetting solution fails to get the job done. It’s become a greenwashing industry. That won’t happen at Clear thanks to their high standards as demonstrated by their Certified Emission Reduction certification and Gold Standard VERs. Despite going the extra mile to assure that carbon offsetting is actually occurring, the prices are fair and affordable, and packages are offered to both individuals and businesses. 

How climate change and forest management make wildfires harder to contain ABC News
Image credit to ABC News

ClearSky Climate Solutions

Focus: Forest Management-focused carbon offsetting solution

ClearSky Climate Solutions focuses on designing and developing market-based carbon projects that tackle issues such as deforestation. Forests act as the lungs of the earth. Through forest conservation, ClearSky Climate Solutions offsets carbon dioxide emissions and other forest-degrading activities that happen as a result of business operations or individual choices. ClearSky Climate Solutions also helps tackle emissions at the source by offering workshops, conferences, and training programs throughout the year.

Sterling Planet

Focus: Renewable Energies

Whether big or small, companies are starting to realize that going green makes sense from a business standpoint. Individuals are also starting to realize that they can make conscious decisions that are both economical and eco-friendly. This is where Sterling Planet comes in. Sterling Planet is the largest residential retailer of renewable energies in the world. Its trademarked White Tags certificate represents a whopping one megawatt-hour in energy reduction. The program is designed to help businesses and homeowners conserve energy while turning towards renewable energies from the sun, wind, water, and even plants. Carbon offset programs also promote the collection of greenhouse gas emissions.

Major-Increase-In-Carbon-Offsetting-Thanks-To-Greta-Thunberg-Effect - Full credit to Green Queen
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Focus: Air Travel orientated carbon offsetting solution

The Atmosfair program offers corporate services that revolve around air travel. It works with climate-friendly tour operators and agencies to make travel as carbon-friendly as possible. Unlike other carbon offsetting solutions, Atmosfair works with corporations upfront to make conscious travel decisions whereas other carbon offsetting solutions offer guilt-free and mindless travel. It offers carbon offsetting such as compensation for flight and other CO2 emissions while supporting the green energy transition. Atmosfair is transparent with its annual reports and has a strict approval process and follows high-quality industry standards.

Time running out to clean up heavy indsutry - Full credit to IMechE
Image credit to IMechE


Focus: Industrial activities

3Degrees focuses strictly on carbon offsetting for businesses that are targeted towards their operations. It helps businesses decarbonize their emissions while offering carbon offsets for purchase. All carbon offset projects are third-party verified. 3Degrees was founded in 2007 on the premise that businesses must do their part in relieving the global climate crisis. Since then, it endorsed the first voluntary community solar program in the United States. It’s also been a part of some of the oldest renewable natural gas transactions in the country. Sustainability within its own operations is represented by its subsidized public transportation costs for employees and its purchase of water restoration credits to cover the footprint of its own business.

How to Terrapass helps individuals and businesses become more carbon neutral - Full credit t
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Focus: One-Stop shop for numerous carbon offsetting solutions

Terrapass is well known in the carbon offsetting world as a one-stop-shop. There are ways to get involved as an individual, a small business, all the way up to a mega-corporation. Terrapass specializes in tracking virtually every carbon-emitting or polluting activity that you can think of. It then calculates your total footprint and offers flexible and affordable carbon offsetting solutions. Terrapass even has a calculation for the food that you eat and corresponding offsetting solutions. They go as far as allowing the user to plan greenhouse gas emitting events and pre-purchase offsets.  From sustainable living, to small business plans, to corporate sustainability plans, Terrapass does it all.

BEF Carbon Mix

Focus: Renewable energy certificates & water restoration certificates

BEF Carbon Mix offers a variety of ways to authentically engage stakeholders into balancing their carbon footprint through education, access to renewable energies, and water stewardship. BEF is more focused on certifying your business in areas such as renewable energy and water restoration in hopes that it enhances a brand’s equity. In short, BEF is taking full advantage of the green to be made by certifying your business as a green entity.

Energy distributions hydrogen offsetting solutions - Full credit Southern Company gas
Image credit Southern Company gas

Southern Company

Focus: Energy distribution, carbon offsetting solution

The Southern Company is consistently ranked amongst America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes magazine. They serve over 9 million customers through its subsidiaries as a gas and electric utility holding company. Southern Company provides clean and reliable electricity as well as natural gas to wholesale customers throughout the United States. They are also a leader in fibre optics and telecommunication services. Notably, Southern Company has been paving the way for building a network of energy infrastructure that gives businesses access to carbon offsetting renewable energies. They have their foot in the water in carbon-free nuclear, carbon capture, energy storage, and much more.

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Carbon Offsets to Relieve Poverty

Focus: Poverty relief using carbon offsets

Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty, otherwise known as COTAP, is a 501(C)3 public charity. All contributions are tax-deductible and 90% of contributions go directly to projects. Projects are mainly in developing countries in areas where the money empowers impoverished communities to tackle climate change issues as well as poverty itself. COTAP offsets your carbon emissions through certified forest management projects which translate to life-changing earnings for impoverished communities. COTAP is incredibly transparent with how the funds are spent and have nothing to hide, as demonstrated by their years of clean annual reports.

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Carbon Checkout

Focus: Retail focused carbon offsetting solutions

Carbon Checkout is a software app that can be downloaded on your smartphone to help you offset the carbon emitted through retail shopping. With over 2,000 eCommerce partners, Carbon Checkout gives individuals the opportunity to see how their purchase impacts climate change. When checking out to purchase an item, Carbon Checkout offers the opportunity to add carbon offsetting to the total cost to give you a guilt-free shopping experience. Retailers and customers both benefit from this app. Offsetting solutions include wind power and landfill gas capture.


Focus: Packaging & Fleet carbon offsetting scheme

GreenPrint offers both custom programs and branded products to help offset carbon footprint as it relates to packaging, freight, and fleet. Their branded products look to affordably reduce plastic waste, carbon emissions, and water waste while providing access to renewable energy. GreenPrint’s turnkey approach allows businesses to be up and running with a sustainability program within 90 days without having to augment the supply chain or tarnish vendor relationships. Customized programs include retail fuel emission reductions, fleet financing programs, packaging and consumer products, renewable energy access, and sustainability consulting.

Tree planting as a carbon offsetting solution - Full Credit to the Woodland Trust
Image credit to the Woodland Trust.

Ann Arbor Foundation

Focus: Planting Trees as a carbon offsetting solution

As trees provide the air that we breathe, they are threatened across the globe which in turn threatens our way of life. To combat this, the Ann Arbor Foundation launched its Time for Trees initiative which sets out to clean up our air by planting trees. Founded in 1972, the Ann Arbor Foundation is the largest 501(C)3 nonprofit organization on earth that is focused solely on planting trees. The foundation boasts over 350 million trees planted since its inception in the suburbs, cities, and throughout the world. They believe that a simple solution like planting more trees will result in a greener tomorrow that improves water quality, air quality, poverty, and even world hunger.

Protect your land and your pocketbook - Full credit to Reward Express
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Conservation Fund

Focus: Conservation-based carbon offsetting solutions 

With a focus on conserving our natural resources, the Conservation Fund homes in on conservation as it applies to our land, water, wildlife, food, forests, climate, and even finances. Its programs include business partnerships, mitigation solutions, conservation acquisitions and leadership networks, conservation loans, working farms funds, and much more. Since 1985 the Conservation Fund has protected over 8 million acres of land across all 50 states in the USA. In 2014, the Conservation Fund received a prestigious award from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, which signifies its confidence that the lands owned by the Conservation Fund will be protected forever.

Natural Capital Partners
Focus: Sustainable development

With over 20 years of experience, Natural Capital Partners has grown an extensive network of partners to deliver high-quality solutions that deliver value to businesses through environmental programs. They have partnered with over 350 projects in 32 countries to help reduce carbon emissions and foster the demand for renewable energies. Natural Capital Partners offers carbon offsetting solutions, carbon neutrality solutions, project development assistance, access to renewable energy, and net-zero consulting. The program was voted Best Offset Retailer for ten years in a row by Environmental Finance.

One Tribe carbon - Full credit to Cabify
Image credit to Cabify

One Tribe – Empower your business to take climate action today 

Carbon offsetting solution programs on this list are meant to educate you on the many different types of carbon offsetting solutions available on the market. It’s important to choose a carbon offsetting solution that fits within your own vision and mission.

One Tribe is a climate action platform that is enabling brands to be able to act on their carbon footprint. We do not offer a ‘carbon offset’, rather a carbon reduction. Why? Forests are vital to storing carbon. £1 spent offsetting carbon with trees can absorb 53.1 kilos of carbon by 2030. £1 spent protecting trees can absorb 3900 kilos of carbon by 2030. That’s 73 x more carbon absorbed by protecting trees. 

Ready to empower your business and take climate action. Join One Tribe today!


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