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Brightr Sleep sustainable bedding x one tribe
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Sustainable bedding brand Brightr® Sleep make incredible luxury bedding from plastic and have now partnered with One Tribe to protect trees with every purchase. 


Sustainability is about pacing ourselves.  

Understanding that investing time and money in the short term might not be the cheapest, easiest, or most attractive option is one thing. But acknowledging it is beneficial – or even crucial – in the long term is key.

That’s why we are delighted to welcome sustainable bedding company, Brightr® Sleep, to the Tribe, to tell the story of how they became one of the most sustainable bedding brands on the market to date!

brightr sleep sustainable bedding
photo credit: brightr sleep

A sustainable life starts with sustainable bedding 

Brightr® Sleep specialise in sustainable bedding. Specifically sustainable pillows. They agree that sustainability is about pacing oneself. Not making the connection? Well, envision a sleep-deprived version of yourself. You’ll struggle to concentrate, you’ll make mistakes, you won’t be able to exercise and use your body, you’ll be grumpy and irritable – not to mention the designer bags around your eyes. As Brightr® Sleep states on their website, sleep is the essence of life. Tiredness, or depriving oneself of sleep, is simply unsustainable.

Connecting the facts with the choices

Of course, you know this already. It’s a well-known fact that sleep is a necessity. Just as we know that, I don’t know, protecting the Amazon rainforest is just as big a necessity. But despite knowing the facts, we still struggle to connect facts with good choices. Research suggests that 63% of adults are not getting quality sleep. Brightr® Sleep decided that this was a problem they could set out to solve.

Which takes us back to our sustainable bedding, and why their sustainable pillows are not only an investment in the environment, but an investment in yourself.

Sustainable bedding sustainable pillows packaging from brightrsleep
photo credit: brightr sleep

Reducing plastic waste with Brightr® Sleep sustainable bedding

That said, we’re pretty proud of all the things that this eco-friendly store are doing for the planet as they are busy selling their pillow-related bedding online. First up is the fact that they use recycled fabric – aka, plastic bottles and post-consumer waste that have been woven, Rumpelstiltskin-style, into super-soft fibres.

According to  Brightr® Sleep, every sustainable pillow upcycles 25 plastic bottles (therefore removing them from landfill/some unfortunate blustery coastline).  Recycling materials in this way not only minimises the demand on natural resources, but also reduces carbon emissions, as the energy required to produce the recycled material threads is much less than conventional thread, like cotton.

Oh – and one more thing. Brightr® Sleep are using their sustainable pillows to save oceans from plastic bag pollution. All of the packaging and storage is 100% reusable or recycled and biodegradable.

Saving animals with Brightr® Sleep sustainable bedding

How vegan is your pillow? Hate to brag, but sustainable bedding made by Brightr® Sleep is completely cruelty-free. And that’s not because most pillow companies slap a beef burger in the middle of the fluffy goodness, but because birds are often plucked alive in order to get their downy feathers. Their eco-friendly store is also a bird-friendly store – it is completely void of feathers or down and always has been. 

Reducing toxins with Brightr® Sleep sustainable bedding

If you’ve read any of our Greenwashing articles, you’ll know that at One Tribe, we strongly advise eco-conscious consumers not to take a company’s word for it when they declare themselves as sustainable. We want proof – and what better way than with a regulatory organisation? Sustainable bedding isn’t exactly a candidate for Rainforest Alliance (due to its, well, very nature of being sustainable bedding rather than a Freddo), BUT they are certified as conforming to the REACH standard (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH is an analytic company that verifies what chemical products are being used in production, and that they are not harmful to the environment.

sustainable bedding breakdown from brightr sleep
photo credit: brightr sleep

The eco-design of Brightr® Sleep sustainable bedding

What do we mean by eco-design? Maybe you’ve heard of the circular economy, which is defined as the systemic approach to economic development to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. In contrast to the throwaway, linear model, a circular economy is regenerative and aims to eliminate the need for finite resources. When it comes to the eco-design of Brightr® Sleep, it’s impossible to ignore the packaging. With perfectly-sized up-cycled boxes, designed to save valuable space in transit and reduce carbon emissions from transportation (an unavoidable outcome of selling bedding online), the eco-friendly store proactively encourages customers to re-use the packaging to prolong its life-span.

In addition, Brightr® Sleep maintains a circular economy. If their sustainable pillows have been used, they can be sent back, washed and refurbished and then sent to homeless charities or animal shelters – a resourcefulness that simultaneously reduces waste and the need for new pillows and new materials. Similarly, Brightr® Sleep prioritize their commitment to customers and to the environment above quick profits, promising a 30 day money-back guarantee and inviting unsatisfied customers to return their pillows with a free return label and exchange for one that is more suitable.

Sustainable bedding: an investment in oneself

Mind, that’s what our eco-friendly store offers online. But, judging by its 275 5* reviews – a full house, might we add – it seems that ‘unsatisfied’ and Brightr sustainable pillows are less of a sustainability concern and more of an oxymoron.

Take a look at just some of the reviews these guys have had. The proof is in the pillow:

Sleep at last – Linda R. 

So glad I bought this pillow. Spent so much money on pillows over the years. First time in years I’m sleeping better and don’t have to keep punching and turning my pillow.

Excellent Pillows

I was a little unsure as to whether these pillows were as good as they say . They are excellent and my sleep has improved . so 5 starts and good customer service . worth the money all day and night long 

Sumptuous and soft – Jo G. 

Am absolutely loving these pillows. They are like resting your head on clouds. I believe they have helped with aiding my sleep They are supportive yet soft and environmentally friendly, which is something that is important to me. I hope I won’t now be wasting money and changing pillows every couple of months. My husband likes them as well. I wish I had bought the pillow protectors though.


So, there you have it. One eco-friendly store selling bedding online and saving the planet (and your under-eye bags) one sustainable pillow at a time. And, what’s more, Brightr® Sleep will soon be using our e-commerce tools to save the rainforest as they do it. And we don’t mean e-commerce tools that are complicated or ambiguous, we mean e-commerce tools that clarify exactly how many trees have been protected with every sale, so customers can see for themselves how their investments are absolutely sustainable. One sale = five trees. Now that’s our sort of sum.

Snoozing isn’t losing. Just make sure you’re snoozing sustainably. Become a member of the Tribe today.

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