Celebrating B Corp Month 2023

b corp month 2023
Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

In March 2023 we will be celebrating B Corp’s annual event with a focus on the theme ‘BCorps Go Beyond’ (#WeGoBeyond). Celebrate with us and learn how One Tribe is working to build better business.

bcm 2023

What is B Corp Month?

B Corp month is an annual event that takes place every year in March. It’s a time where B Lab and the extensive B Corp community join together to celebrate the qualities that make a B Corp who they are. Last year we celebrated #BehindTheB where we dove into the ‘behind the scenes’ of being a B Corp and how we work to build better business practices.

Reaching thousands of people, we were able to:
  • Connect with over 300 businesses
  • Educate thousands of followers on better business practices
  • Engage over 70% of the B Corp community to take climate action


Going Beyond Business As Usual

This year it’s all about understanding why and how B Corps go beyond ‘business as usual’.

2023’s B Corp campaign aims to break down the specifics behind what B Corp businesses are doing that separates them from the rest, as well as build awareness around how B Corps and the B Corp movement are transforming the economic system for the better.

How We Are Celebrating B Corp Month
at One Tribe

B Corp is a prestigious reputation and once you certify the role of being a B Corp doesn’t end there. Year on year we continue to improve and develop our operations and business practices to achieve sustainable growth across all five governance areas that form the main B Corp criteria; Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers.

For us being a B Corp means working together to build a community of businesses that operate for a greater good. We want to support businesses in taking meaningful climate action and work together to protect the planet and reduce carbon emission linked to business operations.

#WeGoBeyond for People

B Corps understand the importance of taking all people into account irrespective of whether their shareholders, board members, or part of the wider supply chain. At One Tribe our people are our biggest asset. It’s important that our workforce is aligned with our vision and values and reflect them in their day to day operations.

Right now we are continuing to contribute to the financial security of our workforce, and aim to enhance the wellbeing and career development paths of our teams so that they can feel confident in their roles and encouraged to thrive.  Investing in employee training that helps our employees take ownership of their roles and feel confident in becoming accountable is important not only for our growth but for their personal development. At One Tribe we want everyone to feel supported in every aspect of their role. Putting these changes into effect is just one of the ways we are practising better business year on year and encouraging other businesses to do the same! 

fairness and quality at One Tribe

#WeGoBeyond for Social Justice 

Tackling some of the world’s more complex issues is a big part of why One Tribe operates our business how we do. One Tribe’s impact led business model revolves around communities of people and businesses working together as One Tribe for a greater collective impact. The brands we work with, our projects, our partnerships and our employees all form part of a wider vision to protect our planet through connection and community.

In 2022 we met regularly with Indigenous leaders both in person and online to develop our values and collaborate on future projects aimed at community economic empowerment with the potential to gain carbon offset funds. By giving Indigenous and small scale land owners the tools and guidance to generate, manage and sell their own carbon offsets, underrepresented communities will be able to generate a continuous stream of income in return for the stewardship and management of their land.

#WeGoBeyond for our Community

One Tribe aims to create a positive impact that’s both measurable and meaningful for our brands, our partners and our wider community. We develop and support nature-based projects as a way to help businesses mitigate their carbon footprint and prevent global temperature rises and increased emissions from business operations. 

The need to mitigate climate change and the role nature plays in doing so is critical in helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero. Offsets sourced from nature-based solutions could account for 37% of mitigation efforts needed to reduce carbon emissions while also opening up opportunities to help landowners regain stewardship of their land and finance their own solutions. In 2023 we aim to progress multiple carbon offset projects across the globe. Sourcing high grade nature-based solutions developed and governed by Indigenous Peoples worldwide.

One Tribe B Corp Certified


We encourage everyone to join One Tribe this B Corp month and celebrate the efforts B Corp businesses are making to build better businesses and take responsibility for our planet.

B Corp businesses set the bar high when it comes to businesses authenticity, environmental approach, sustainability, and social wellbeing. As a business, it’s part of our responsibility to create awareness among the masses and drive awareness around the ways in which businesses can operate responsibly and sustainability.

At One Tribe we’re always open to talk about our B-Corp journey and how we can help brands to improve their carbon footprint.

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