8 Ways to Explain your Sustainable Business Policy

Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

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Full credit to Natural Products Global

Consumers want to buy eco-friendly products, are willing to buy more, socially support and even invest in truly sustainable brands. The better your team is at creating and proving you have a sustainable business policy, the more consumers and overall value you can achieve with them. 

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The importance of a sustainable business policy 

There seems to be a growing awareness about the importance of corporate social responsibility in supporting sustainable business policy. This increasingly popular sustainable approach to business practices is all about sustainability. 

Sustainability is a growing term and has become a buzzword for green business practices that are embedded in many corporate strategies. Consumers are flocking to safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products, becoming more conscious of the decisions they make. Better, they are willing to socially support, buy more and even invest in companies that are able to show they are truly sustainable. 

That alone should be enough motivation, but also consider that many of the world’s leading organisations have invested billions of dollars in environmentalism, often documented in a sustainable business policy.


A sustainable business policy doesn’t have to cost a fortune

What is sustainability? It is a “Quality that does not harm the environment or deplete natural resources, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” The good news is that the Green Program doesn’t need you to spend a fortune on behalf of small businesses. Try these ways of how to explain your sustainable business policy to your consumers.

sustainable_business - Straightforward guide for small business owners - Full credit to The Renewable Energy Hub
Full credit to The Renewable Energy Hub

1. Restore social trust

Confidence in business has declined since the global financial crisis. Business leaders need to explain their policies to regain the trust of their consumers, employees, and the communities where they do business and to restore the legitimacy of their business. Working with governments, customers, workers, and civil society, actively contributing to local communities, and frankly communicating sustainability policy interactions with society will greatly help restore social confidence in businesses.

2. Connect to your needs

Business leaders can view images and videos and read surveys showing how much damage has been done to the environment, but unless business owners begin to feel connected to these issues themselves, they can’t explain them to their customers. If you want to promise that your entire enterprise will be sustainable, the first step is that you explain your personal connection to the need to take care of the planet.

green-sustainability-globe-collaboration - Full credit to the Equinix Blog
Full credit to the Equinix Blog

3. Pay attention to sustainability 

Sustainability must be integrated into corporate strategy and reflected in the organization’s business goals. This implies that it is a top priority in all aspects of the company’s operations. You must create an action plan and assign responsibilities, just as you would with any other business initiative. Make people accountable and measure the results. When it’s done, repeat. This will add momentum to your commitment to corporate sustainability. And this will help your consumers get a basic idea of your approach.

4. Partnerships with consumers

Spend time educating your consumers about the importance of protecting the environment and what your organization is doing to save resources. Get additional ideas from your consumers on resource protection. You may be surprised to be able to provide your consumers with ideas to experience, reduce waste and improve the work environment. 

You can also engage employees in the new vision. Create efficiency goals and make them fun and comprehensive by celebrating success. How can I measure my savings? How can it strengthen your community and provide better service to your customers? When you get ideas and opinions from your employees, they embrace your new goals.


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Full credit to the good men project

5. Do research

Companies with only a superficial interest in sustainability pursue the current mainstream green strategy. This is typically used as part of a marketing strategy in the hope of gaining more brand equity and consumers. However, these activities tend to attempt to check the Sustainability box rather than as part of a deeper approach to sustainability, and consumers aren’t going to buy your ideas. True leaders know that sustainability efforts are more complex and require more effort.

Business leaders can dig deeper to understand the impact of their business. These studies help clarify the state of the community, the environment and people impacts of the supply chain, and the life cycle of materials. Research is needed for sustainability to build a foothold. Companies need to consider all the elements of decision-making by involving sustainability experts in the process and considering life cycle analysis tools.

6. Chemical substance management 

We are learning more about the environmental impact of chemicals. Educate your consumers on how you use eco-friendly cleaning agents and non-chemical pest and weed control products and chemical vendors to train employees on the proper use and disposal of chemicals. When outsourcing commercial cleaning to a professional cleaning company, urge to use eco-friendly products. This will help your consumers know the sustainable policy of your business.

Innvote - 10 most sustainable consumer tech companies - Forbes
Full credit to Forbes

7. Innovate

Showing your consumers that you apply a sustainability perspective to every aspect of your business means that your business strategy may need to change. Innovation stems from the need to coordinate to make your business more sustainable. These include:

  • Enable board members and executives to focus on sustainability and drive implementation 
  • Strategic planning and development of products or services that achieve sustainable results 
  •  Marketing of products and services that inspire consumers to make sustainable choices  
  •  Use global goals to inform leadership development strategies

8. Continue to improve responsibly 

Many exciting sustainable companies are highly transparent and have detailed information on product sources, manufacturing methods, working practices, material sustainability, and areas where they are working to improve their products. This can help your consumers know more about your sustainable policy. Transparency increases corporate accountability and eliminates complacency. By taking responsibility, companies are constantly looking for new ways to further reduce their footprint and increase consumer confidence.

17 green companies that are good for you and environment
Full credit to Green Citizen

Companies that use sustainable business policy 

  • Apple has set a goal of lowering carbon emissions and partnering with companies that share similar values. 23 of their partners have pledged to use renewable energy exclusively.
  • Accenture is a global consulting firm that specializes in strategy, digital, technology, and operations. They’ve also cut carbon emissions by 52 per cent for each employee.
  • Estée Lauder, a cosmetics company, sends no waste to landfills because all of their waste is recycled or incinerated and converted into energy.
  • Google is ahead of the curve. Their data centres consume 50% less energy than most and divert 91% of total waste from landfills.

Learning for sustainability in your business


Learning for sustainability cannot be achieved by one person or one company. Everyone needs to participate. We are joining with business leaders who are passionate about making sustainable decisions in their businesses.  

One of the services we provide at one tribe is encouraging businesses to create a sustainability page on their website. This helps your customers in better understanding your company’s goals and sustainability efforts. It’s not only good for your customers to see that you’re trying, but also helps explain your policy and is also an important part of building your brand.

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