7 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

These sustainable clothing brands for men are proving that fast fashion is out of fashion.


Let’s not pretend that it’s only women who want to show some moral fibre (pardon the pun).

Men should be able to look good whilst looking after the planet too. Check out our list of sustainable clothing brands for men that are sure to get you excited about sustainable fashion.

7 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men

Our favourite sustainable clothing brands for men know exactly how to make their mark. Every brand on our list offers something unique for every kind of guy.

Goose Studios @goose_studios

goose studios sustainable clothing brands for men
photo credit: Goose Studios

Goose Studios have been in the business of making the world a better place since 2016.

The team are committed to creating sustainable clothing at affordable pricing, and have a fantastic range of organic cotton tees and shirts. 

Every sale on their website protects the Amazon rainforest – but what’s more, customers don’t even need to make a purchase to be able to create a positive impact on the environment, Goose Studios pledge to protect trees in the Amazon rainforest with every newsletter signup as well. 

They have now protected over 70,000 trees. In terms of their actual clothes, Goose Studios only use 100% organic cotton, with ethical sourcing from leading suppliers, and pride themselves on the comfort of their versatile clothes. And don’t worry eco-consumers, they’re not too Goose to be true!

Patagonia @patagonia

patagonia sustainable clothing brands for men
photo credit: Patagonia

Reigning champion of the sustainable fashion space is Patogonia. Patagonia is one of the most sustainable clothing brands to ever grace the online community. And if you haven’t read The Responsible Company by founder Yvon Chouinard yet, I highly recommend you do.

For men that prioritise purpose over profit to an exceptional degree, Patagonia won’t let you down. A certified B-Corp, Patagonia is a brand that does more good than damage to the environment. It charges itself a Carbon Tax, pledging 1% of all sales into restoration of the planet.

It furthers its pledge through Worn Wear, a commitment to a new model for consumption of apparel that enables customers to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their garments. This scheme allows gear and garments to be repaired, shared and recycled, preserving the items that have been created and reducing the need for more raw materials.

Seasalt @seasaltcornwall

seasalt sustainable clothing brands for men
photo credit: Seasalt

Based in Cornwall, Seasalt is a brand committed to creating beautiful clothes that reflect the seaside environment, but create a minimal impact.

Seasalt has a range of sustainability-based goals, from its commitment to being carbon neutral by 2040, utilising 100% GOTS certified cotton by the end of 2024, and sending zero waste to landfills. This is supplemented by Seasalt’s ReLoved scheme, which allows secondhand Seasalt clothing to be returned for reuse.

Nudie Jeans @nudiejeans

nudie jeans sustainable menswear
photo credit: Nudie Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of Jeans.

Nudie Jeans understand that – and they also understand that you can have a good pair of jeans and be committed to a low carbon footprint. That’s why it has a long list of commitments to sustainable practices. Regarding materials, they use organic cotton, reused denim, and a range of other natural fibres to create environmentally-friendly clothes.

They also offer free repairs forever, and call their shops Repair Shops, because taking care of the jeans after they have been bought is as important to Nudie Jeans as the initial purchase. How’s that for a healthy product lifecycle!

Beyond Retro @beyondretro

beyond retro sustainable menswear
photo credit: Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro consistently seeks out innovative avenues to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape, contributing to a much-needed circular economy.

Last year, alongside their parent company Bank and Vogue, Beyond Retro successfully rehomed 90 million items. It’s an impressive amount – but Beyond Retro insists that this figure is only 10% of the UK’s total textile waste in 12 months – and they want to do more!

United By Blue @unitedbyblue

united by blue sustainable menswear
photo credit: United By Blue

Sometimes, it’s green to be blue.

United By Blue brings everyone, regardless of sex or gender, together through their sustainable outdoor clothing that are doubles as fashionable urban wear.

Whether it’s tees or swim trunks, hiking trousers or accessories, United By Blue uses a range of sustainable fabrics – hemp, organic cotton, ethical wool, yak fur, REPREVE recycled polyester, Tencel, modal, and patented fabric blends like Bison Shield (a “throw-away” of the meat industry turned into wool-like yarn or insulation). Even their sustainable backpacks and eco-friendly luggage are made with recycled plastic bottle fabric and recycled nylon.

Rapanui @rapanuiclothing

rapanui clothing
photo credit: Rapanui

When it comes to ensuring every stage of the clothing life cycle is sustainable, Rapanui have got it covered. Their factory in Isle of Wight creates the clothes on demand, meaning there is no surplus stock that needs to be thrown away.

Their products are made entirely from natural materials, the production process exclusively uses renewable energy, and everything is designed from the start with the idea that the garment wil be sent back when it is worn out. Rapanui make new products from old materials that they recover. Instead of making waste, they make new products.

It’s only waste when it’s wasted. Good job Rapanui!


Phew! That’s 7 completely different sustainable clothing brands – all with unique designs and commitments to creating a better future for both people and the planet.

Sustainable ecommerce brands are not only the hottest trend, but they are a movement into the future. Remember to look for tangible commitments to climate action and sustainability from the clothing brands you are using.

For more ideas of where to shop, remember to take a look at the One Tribe gallery page – featuring brands who are saving the rainforest with every sale. When it comes to sustainability, make sure you buy to save!

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