7 Best Vegan Protein Powders To Try In 2022

7 Best Vegan Protein Powders To Try In 2022
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

If you’re in the market for vegan protein powder you need to try these sustainable alternatives. Step away from whey and give these seven protein powders a try! 


Reducing our consumption of meat is one of the easiest ways we can help our environment. Cattle ranchers have a huge, albeit often illegal, incentive to chop down the rainforest to create space for their livestock. And while eating meat is a primary protein source, cows require their own protein source – two thirds of soya bean crops used as cattle food. 

So, why not cut the middle man and drink the soya straight up? Reduce the growing-room required and get your protein directly with vegan protein powder, protecting your health, the rainforest – and the cows!

The Best Vegan Protein Powders

1. MyVegan

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photo credit: MyVegan

Every saver’s favourite: MyProtein is unrivalled on price and has a whole host of vegan protein powder options thanks to its specialist brand – MyVegan. Whether it is in a wonderful Salted Caramel shake or baked in a protein powder-filled chocolate cookie, MyVegan knows how to get creative with the essentials. And the latest rage? MyProtein have changed the vegan protein powder game by adding a clear option to their collection – where rather than adding milk, you can add water and drink it like cordial.

Not to mention the fact that MyVegan is the first plastic-neutral sports nutrition brand.

Gains, with no deforestation in sight!

2. Misfits

misfits vegan protein bars plant powered
photo credit: Misfits

If you prefer your vegan protein powder in a solid, delicious snack form – Misfits are the one for you. Their vegan protein bars took social media by a tropical storm and are really making waves in terms of making vegan options trendy. Brimming with testimonials that attribute texture and low-sugar content as well as taste, Misfits championed the vegan protein powder space in 2021, selling over 7 million bars around the world.

Be sure to look for their funky fonts and colours, special offers and their limited edition drops!

3. Nuzest

nuzest vegan protein poweder and bars
photo credit: Nuzest

Imagine if you could save the rainforest in two ways – firstly, by buying vegan protein powder and eliminating the demand for deforestation in the name of the cattle and dairy industry, and secondly, by literally protecting trees in the Amazon with every purchase?

Long-time Tribe members Nuzest have sustainability and rainforest protection anchored in their business operations. Their products are premium and the cleanest on the market. From recycled packaging for their vegan protein powder to their ever-growing contribution to protecting rainforest in threatened parts of South America, Nuzest alleviates any concern of bad practices for protein-conscious and climate-conscious consumers.

4. Bulk

bulk nutrition vegan protein powders and shakers
photo credit: bulk

Think you need beef to bulk? Wrong! Bulk is bringing the power with their range of drinks, snacks, and recipes. That’s right, vegan protein powder shouldn’t be limited to the classic shake or purchase of a protein bar, but can be used as an ingredient in your own cooking. Get creative with Bulk’s crumble bars or special baked oats. Who says you can’t commit to getting stronger and protecting the planet?

5. PhD Plant

photo credit: Phd Nutrition

By investing in vegan protein powder, we’re getting smarter as we get stronger. PhD plant is a super delicious vegan range that is even sold in the likes of Sainsbury’s. Again, their smart bars – a nice prepackaged chocolatey form of vegan protein powder – are a big hit among the vegan community, and PhD is a great resource when it comes to the logistics behind protein supplements and nutrition. I bet you didn’t know that drinking water in the day rather than the night can optimise your summer sleeping pattern?

6. The Protein Works

protein works plant protein powder
Photo credit: The Protein Works

The Protein Works are another kick-ass brand that understands: getting bigger and stronger doesn’t necessarily mean consuming more meat (and dairy!) Whether it’s their classic vanilla protein shake or a vegan mass gainer, again, The Protein Works are among the movers and shakers when it comes to making a triumph within the fitness community. 

7. Pulsin

pulsin plant based protein products
photo credit: Pulsin

The thing about vegan protein powder is that it is a sweet supplement. In a shake, in oats, baked in cake – it adds a sweetness that is often beneficial to the health-conscious people – due to the lack of sugar – but can be irritating. Burgers aren’t savoury, and sometimes we want a protein powder that can be used in something that is more savoury too. Introducing Pulsin Pea Vegan Protein Powder! 

Don’t get us wrong – mixed with dairy-free milk and glugged from your bottle, this stuff can be pretty unpalatable. But mixed up in a spinach super smoothie or even added to more savoury bakes, this vegan protein powder can give you the macros when you’re already sweet enough.


There we have it! Who knew that little switches in our diet, and a little bit of research into our personal health and fitness habits, could have such a benefit to the planet? These 7 vegan protein powder brands allow you to get fitter and stronger without putting any pressure on the cattle industry, eliminating one of the main reasons for deforestation within the South American rainforest.

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