50 Eco-Friendly Gifts To Give Friends And Family In 2022

Wrapping Christmas gifts using sustainable materials CREDIT Unsplash
Bronagh Loughlin

Bronagh Loughlin


The Christmas season is here, so it’s time to start finding eco-friendly gifts for those special people in your life. Choosing eco-friendly presents means supporting brands that are conscious of their impact on the planet even during these busy winter seasons! 

Here’s a list of 50 eco-friendly gifts you can give to friends and family in 2022, containing everything from personal care items to food, clothing, and entertainment. 

Hair Care & Cosmetics

be free by danielle fishel eco friendly hair care products
photo credit: BeFree

Be Free is the way to go if you want to give the gift of chemical-free hair and skin care products. Created by actress Danielle Fishel, the Be Free line includes shampoo, conditioner, skincare, accessories, dry shampoo, and more. All products are cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable. You can even bottle your own bundle using their online bundle shopper!

Bear Beauty botanicals christmas skincare gift range
photo credit: Bear Beauty Botanicals

Bear Beauty Botanicals are another brand with some awesome eco-friendly gifts on offer. 

The brand was founded by Claire, who has a love for all things natural beauty and simple skincare. Her aim was to create eco-friendly products that are fun and enjoyable to use, and inspiring. So, will you be joining the #WEARETOBEAR revolution?

ugly goose lashes perfect stocking filler eco friendly gifts
photo credit: Ugly Goose Lashes

If you have a friend who won’t go anywhere without false lashes on, you’ve come to the right place. The lashes by Ugly Goose make perfect eco-friendly gifts for those who love to look their best. Available in many different styles, these lashes are completely cruelty-free made from 100% faux mink.


Blake Hedley blonde bomber jacket eco friendly gift
photo credit: Blake Hedley

Blake Hedley is perfect if you are on the hunt for sustainable menswear. 

They use only independent mills, artisans, and factories to create their clothing and ensure the quality is high. All of these masters are located in and around the EU, including in Italy and the UK. Their collection has been designed with fit and quality at its heart and the pieces are manufactured with high-end fabrics that will ensure your clothing items last the test of time.

harvest and mill ethical and eco friendly clothing items for christmas gifts
photo credit: Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill founded their brand on the belief clothing could be made in a better way. Since their conception in 2012, they have been rebuilding localised supply chains in the US through ethical, clean, and innovative practices. 

Their women’s and men’s fashion pieces are organic and grown and sewn in the US. Additionally, they are vegan and non-toxic, and their supply chains are low carbon.

kitt brown boutique ethical clothing choices for mature women
photo credit: Kitty Brown Boutique

For fashion-forward girls, Kitty Brown Boutique has some great pieces that would make excellent eco-friendly gifts. The store is situated in North Lancashire, but you can also purchase items from the online shop. Their line includes women’s clothing and accessories. They sell a wide range of sustainable products from Nomads, Wyatt & Jack, Roka, and much more. Kitty Brown Boutique is also making sure to contribute to sustaining our rainforests. 

girlfriend collective ethical and ecoconscious sportswear collection
photo credit: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective believes in recycled materials and ethical manufacturing. 

They think old water bottles and fishing nets look better on us than they do, polluting oceans and clogging landfills. With that in mind, all their clothing pieces are created from recycled materials. All their garments are fair trade and make for excellent eco-friendly gifts.

lav and kush eco friendly loungewear
photo credit: Lav & Kush

Loungewear is an essential over the festive season, so we’re finishing this list of eco-friendly gifts with Lav + Kush. The brand was founded by women. They only use sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, Tencel, and bamboo to create their versatile and comfortable pieces. Lav + Kush is also creating several initiatives to make sure they are diverging textile waste through repurposing and recycling efforts. So far, they have repurposed and recycled over 300m of fabric waste. Their collection includes pieces for women, men, and kids.

goose studios model wearing 100% organic cotton t shirt
photo credit: Goose Studios

Next up on our list of eco-friendly gifts is Goose Studios. Goose use 100% organic cotton in all of their products and help to protect endangered forests across the globe. 

Goose Studios offers basic fashion pieces of the highest quality for men and women.

topaz swimwear pink purple bikini mode;
photo credit: Topaz Swim

It may not be bikini weather yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift that special someone a new swimsuit in prep for their next holiday. 

Three words to describe what this brand offers? Bold, elegant, and timeless. Topaz is a luxury swimwear brand that takes classic styles and adds a modern twist. Their designs are one-of-a-kind and made with materials that will last. The suits are independently designed in the UK by Designer Natasha Rose.

11. Knickey

photo credit: Knickey

Knickey has the best-fitting organic cotton basics. They are designed for your body and made to raise your mood. They stock all sorts of underwear styles, socks, and hats. 

The brand was founded as a sustainable business and uses environmentally responsible processes, ethical manufacturing, and low-impact fabrics. They do all of this without compromising on quality, which is second to none.

The Ethical Silk Company
photo credit: The Ethical Silk Company

If you love silk, you’ll love The Ethical Silk Company.

The brand sells pillowcases, pyjamas, robes, clothing, and accessories, all made from luxurious, fair trade silk. 

Committed to social responsibility, The Ethical Silk Company also donates 10% of its proceeds to charity. 


Koi Footwear
photo credit: Koi Footwear

What makes better eco-friendly gifts than vegan, eco-conscious footwear? Koi Footwear has a range of styles for men and women. 

From boots to trainers, sandals, and everything in between, you are sure to find a pair of kicks that allows you to express yourself. The brand leads with compassion and is working hard to be a kinder and more sustainable company. They only use ethically-sourced materials and ensure their entire supply chain is ethical. All of their packaging is made of recyclable materials also. Moreover, Koi are contributing to protecting rainforests by partnering with us at One Tribe.

14. Allbirds

photo credit: Allbirds

Allbirds sell some of the most comfortable sustainable apparel for men, women, and children. The brand has adopted numerous initiatives to become more sustainable. These include reducing their carbon footprint, carbon offsetting, and using renewable materials. Their products are all made from eco-friendly materials that pose no harm to the environment, society, or animals.

15. VEJA

veja sustainable shoes
photo credit: VEJA

VEJA has been creating sneakers in an eco-conscious way since 2005. 

The brand mixes ecological materials, economic justice, and social projects to create shoes that don’t harm the environment. 

The sneakers are created in Brazil, and the brand promises full transparency and fair trade practices, also selling a range of vegan trainers.

photo credit: Conscious Step

Conscious Step allows you to wear what you believe in. The brand sells clothing that contributes to a range of causes. So far, Conscious Step has donated $811,655 to its nonprofit partners. Some of the causes include conserving rainforests, empowering women, restoring oceans, and saving animals. Their products make for a great eco-friendly Christmas gift that gives back. 


House of Margaux sustainable baby clothes
photo credit: House of Margaux

House of Margaux sells award-winning, visually beautiful handmade baby clothes, toddler clothing, and big kid’s fashion. All pieces are designed ethically and sustainably produced in the UK. 

If you have a new niece or son or have recently become a godparent, a House of Margaux piece is an eco-friendly Christmas gift they will treasure forever. All pieces are made from bamboo and organic cotton, the kindest materials for a baby’s skin.

18. GrowGrows

grow grow baby sustainable gift idea
photo credit: GrowGrows

GrowGrows are a UK-based sustainable baby clothing brand founded by two fathers. They wanted to create pieces that would allow babies to make a statement even if they were covered in mud, tears, snot, or poop. Their products are made of bamboo, which is super kind to baby skin, and natural anti-bacterial fabric. They sell a range of products from sleepsuits to pyjamas and sleeping bags. The best part about the GrowGrows brand is they have thought of everything parents and babies could need. With that, their sleepsuits have a two-way zipper for easy changing!

19. Plan Toys

plan toys sustainable kids toys
photo credit: Plan Toys

Since its inception, Plan Toys has been on a mission to leave behind a more sustainable way of life. They are working toward this by carefully considering society and the environment in their day-to-day practices. As a result, they use lots of green materials and innovative eco-friendly manufacturing methods to create their toys.

Drinks & Coffee

Berserker gift idea
photo credit: Berserker Coffee

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Berserker Coffee offers more than just your average cup of Joe. Their coffee has 3x the amount of caffeine as other coffee brands, so it promises to give you the kick you need. 

The brand only uses organically grown Grade 1 Robusta from carefully chosen plantations to make their coffee. Their coffee beans are free from harmful chemicals and additives and are 100% natural.

Different flavours of Karma drinks bot
photo credit: Karma Drinks

Looking for something that will hit the spot and quench your thirst but also has a positive impact on the planet? Karma Drinks has organic and fairtrade drinks that are perfect for long days and nights. Available in a range of delicious flavours, these drinks come in a 300 ml glass bottle that is used as a force for good. 


1% of revenue from each Karma Drink goes to their Cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone. The Foundation guarantees the funds raised help drive social and economic independence.

Snacks And Nibbles

choc chick ethically sourced chocolate products
photo credit: Choc Chick

CHOC Chick was founded by Galia, who is a self-confessed chocolate lover. She set up the brand to promote the pure goodness of chocolate in its raw state and bring these benefits to everyone. 

CHOC Chick is fighting to make a difference in how cocoa is sourced. The brand is taking all measures to do this and also raising awareness of how unethical the chocolate industry can be. CHOC Chick products are also free from palm oil and soya and are packaged in the most Earth-friendly materials. 

dare motivation products and snacks
photo credit: Dare Motivation

Dare Motivation is a lifestyle brand run by a small family selling nutritional products to help you surpass your limitations. 

They are just ordinary people who want to help people feel liberated by life by adopting small changes. Where other brands focus on weight loss, macros, essential nutrients and diet slogans, Dare Motivation prioritises functional superfoods that meet your fitness goals and nutritional needs. In addition, nutrients that benefit your physical and mental health and performance.

tonys chocolony ethical chocolate from around the world
Photo credit: Tony’s Chocolonely

This is definitely one of the most delicious eco-friendly gifts we will talk about in this article. Tonys Chocolonely is on a mission to make chocolate 100% slave free. They choose to work in Ivory Coast and Ghana. This is where the worst problems are within the chocolate industry. Their chocolate is entirely fair trade, and Tonys Chocolonely is a B Corporation. The great news is their chocolate products can now be found in Tesco! (we guarantee they are delicious)

Household Goodies

panda london bedding
photo credit: Panda London

Panda London is another great brand in our One Tribe family. They sell duvets, mattresses, pillows, bath accessories, and bedding. If you are struggling for eco-friendly Christmas gifts, we definitely recommend gifting someone a better sleep. Moreover, the Panda London products are sure to help ensure this. Saving the planet is part of the brand’s business and they are doing this by utilising bamboo as their main fabric. Their manufacturing processes are also completely animal friendly, and they avoid plastic at all costs, instead opting for plastic free packaging.

lualoah beach towels and homewares
photo credit: Lualoha

Lualoha is an incredible brand for everyday bathroom accessories and blankets. The brand is woman-founded and family-led. They operate ethically and produce sustainably. 

Lualoha only uses ethically-sourced materials and OEKO-TEX standard-certified dyes. Additionally, they ensure socially responsible working conditions, employment standards, and wages. Ultimately, they make products that last and reduce our impact on the planet.

brigtr sleep soft silky pillows in silver grey
photo credit: Brigtr Sleep

A comfortable pillow is essential in everyday life, and Brightr Sleep perfect eco-friendly gifts. Their pillows are created from innovative materials that ensure maximum comfort. They are also powered by anti-bacterial copper, which helps to reduce skin irritations caused by bacterial and long-term allergen exposure. All pillows use recycled materials that have 30% less impact on the planet. The brand uses only plastic-free packaging, and with every order, they donate funds to protect rainforests. 

earth candle co scented candle for stocking filler gift ideas
photo credit: Earth Candle Co.

The Earth Candle Company is a store where you will find incredible soy wax candles with delicate aromas and glowing flames that create feelings of comfort and calm. Founded by Hannah, a nature lover, she is an official reforestation partner with One Tree Planted. What this means is with every candle purchased, a tree is planted in the Amazon rainforest. Her candles are completely sustainable from wick to waft. Each candle comes in glass jars with aluminium lids. Moreover, the soy wax is sustainably grown, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The candles are also cruelty-free and made only with vegan fragrance oils.

Somerset Toiletry Co orange scented s
photo credit: The Somerset Toiletry Company.

If you have a friend who loves an eco-conscious pamper session and you’re struggling for an eco-friendly gift, we’d recommend the Somerset Toiletry Company. 

The brand creates luxurious sustainable toiletries for affordable prices. The brand also only uses the highest-quality ingredients and is completely transparent about what is in its products. All products are also cruelty-free, and the brand supports lots of sustainable causes.

Wild Deoderant mirror refillable case
photo credit: Wild Deodorant

Wild Deodorant is a brand that is making waves on social media, and it’s for good reason. The brand has created an easy way to smell good without harming the planet. Their refillable deodorant products make perfect gifts to friends and family. You simply buy a reusable case and then fill it up with new deodorant as needed. Their deodorant is vegan and planet-friendly, with zero nasties. Wild’s bamboo pulp deodorant refills can be delivered to your door every month. Using this refill technology, customers can prevent 30 grams of plastic from entering landfill. With each deodorant sold, the brand also plants trees. So far, they have planted more than 50,000 trees. 

31. Bambaw

bambaw razor made from bamboo wood
photo credit: Bambaw

Bambaw are on a mission to shake up the status quo of consumerism by creating eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products. In their store, you’ll find bamboo razors, bedsheets, makeup remover pads, toothbrushes, cutlery, cotton buds, and much more. They are always working to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible and supporting environmental projects in Malawi.

Board game from Gibson Games
photo credit: Gibson Games

Is your idea of fun partaking in an eco-conscious puzzle or board game? You’re in luck. Gibson Games has been around creating incredible board games and puzzles since 1919. Now, they are providing these games that all can enjoy in an eco-conscious way. Their board games come in plastic-free packaging and are fully recyclable. Not to mention, the games are made in the UK to lessen carbon emissions. The brand is going the extra mile when it comes to sustainability.

33. Siblings

iblings candles in white jar
photo credit: Siblings

Siblings are providing a new way for people to get their candle fix that is totally sustainable. The idea is that you purchase a container or already have a container at home. Then, you buy your candle wax in a bag from Siblings, pop that in the microwave and fill up your container. That way, you don’t have to collect millions of empty candle jars; instead, you can use your current one. Additionally, the brother-sister team plant 1 tree for every candle that is sold. Their candle mixes are void from toxic oils and are a coconut blend wax. In addition, they are exempt of phthalate and paraben. The business is also carbon neutral, with all candle mixes coming in compostable packaging.

blue water eco friendly laundry detergent
photo credit: Blue Water

If your New Year’s resolution is to have sparkling clean clothes and dishes without the use of harsh chemicals, Blue Water is the brand for you. 

They sell 100% natural and environmentally friendly laundry detergent strips, dishwasher tablets, and toilet cleaning tablets. The brand is committed to never using plastics, and all products are free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, and bleaches. With every order made, the brand donates some of its products to people in need.


35.  Bitmore

photo credit: Bitmore

Technology can have a large carbon footprint. 

Luckily, Bitmore is here to provide feel-good carbon-neutral tech products. From headphones to adapters, cameras, and Bluetooth speakers.

The brand contributes 1 percent of its profits to 1% For The Planet and protects trees with One Tribe. Bitmore also won the TR Sustainability Hero award in 2022. All their products are created using plant-based materials and recycled plastics. 

36. Doji

Doji offer new approach to sustainable shopping with their sell and resell model.

On their website, you can sell pre-loved devices giving them a second chance in order to extend their lifespan and protect the environment from e-waste. At the same time, people can buy refurbished devices that are like new with a 12-month warranty.

When buying or selling on Doji you help save the world one device at a time. The team are experts when it comes to reducing the impact of tech products, preventing e-waste, and supporting the preservation of rainforests with One Tribe! 


GROUNDTRUTH recycled o
photo credit: GROUNDTRUTH

If you have friends or family who love adventures, GROUNDTRUTH has lots of great eco-friendly gifts. 

The brand was founded by three women who share a lifetime of travel experience and have lived all across the world. GROUNDTRUTH sells shoes, water bottles, backpacks, and gadget storage, perfect for travel. All their pieces are made of 100% recycled materials, and the business is carbon neutral.

Woman outdoors in fleece wearing Palo Eyewear sunglasses CREDIT Palo Eyewear Facebook Page
Photo credit: Pala Eyewear

Pala Eyewear sells sustainable sunglasses in various shapes and styles. The brand was founded on the concept of giving back and they deliver on that promise.

Pala is delivering lasting change by using eco-friendly materials to make their handcrafted products. These include plant-based bio-acetate for their frames and sustainable lenses. Their eyewear is designed for people who acknowledge the need to see a better future. 

Forzo Watch placed on desk
photo credit: Forzo Watches

There’s no denying watches make perfect gifts to give your friends and family. 

Forzo is a British watch brand that unites some of the classic themes seen throughout the history of motorsport with cutting-edge design. Their passion is clear in every single watch, and each is given incredible attention to detail. They are one of the only carbon-neutral watch companies and are also a One Tribe member, protecting the rainforests.

40. Svala

Svala shoppign totes ethical accessories
photo credit: Svala

If you are looking to treat your loved ones to something luxurious, Svala has some stunning handbags that make for great eco-friendly gifts. The brand’s line includes vegan accessories and handbags handcrafted in LA from European, innovative, premium fabrics.

sans beast vegan leather handbags and acessories on models
photo credit: Sans Beast

Got vegans in your life? Here are some more great eco-friendly gifts for animal lovers and vegans alike. 

Sans Beast sells a range of vegan bags and accessories, including wallets and purchases, laptop cases, and more. The brand was established with the goal of delivering quality pieces that had beauty without the beast. For their materials, they use organic cactus leather, zinc alloy, and steel mainly. Sans Beast also donates $1 of every purchase to animal rescue sanctuaries.

photo credit: HYER Goods

HYER Goods is a brand that provides accessories made of fabric and leather sourced from secretary scraps and deadstock materials. They essentially upcycle trash which helps them eliminate a massive energy footprint. Through their approach, they can also limit the amount of waste sent to landfill.

intoa design woven multicolour
photo credit: INTOA Design

INTOA Design was founded in 2010 and is a recycling products company. The brand was established by Helena Hannula in Tampere, a craftsman and designer. She designs and manufactures handmade home textiles and unique accessories using as many recycled materials as she can. The products sold in her store include slippers, jeans, masks, aprons, accessories, and much more!

parker clay sustianable rucksacks for
photo credit: Parker Clay

Parker Clay exists to empower, and each purchase contributes to the end of exploitation in Ethiopia. The business sells bags for women and men that reimagine the future of bag making. They chose Ethiopia because it is home to some of the finest natural resources on the planet and civilizations. In addition, they wanted to set themselves the challenge of tackling the issues women face here.


charmed by a cause silver p
Photo credit: Charmed By a Cause

Charmed By a Cause is where great design and important causes collide. All jewellery is made in NYC, and 10% of every purchase goes toward supporting their cause partners. All jewellery pieces are designed and manufactured locally. Additionally, all-natural stones are ethically-sourced, metals are 100% recycled 14kt gold, and diamonds are reclaimed or lab-grown. Their production partner in New York also goes further to make sure that all pieces are created with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Rosalind-Elunyd-jewellery orangutan
Rosalind Elunyd

If the above jewellery options were not to your style, we can assure the pieces sold on Rosalind Elunyd will impress you. Each design is chosen from nature and hand carved in Cornwall. All jewellery pieces are created from recycled metals and do not follow any specific trends. Instead, the pieces are timeless, and production is carried out on a small scale. In addition, all packaging is made from FSC-certified cardboard.

luna and rose sustainable jewllery collection in gold
Photo credit: Luna & Rose

Luna & Rose is a sustainable apparel and jewellery brand built on openness. They are proud to share every part of their process because they stand by it confidently. The brand creates pieces that last a lifetime, not ones that just flash in the pan trends. They work closely with a team of talented craftsmen and women in the tropics of Bali. From their silversmiths to tailors and organic fabric dyes, they collaborate with handpicked people to create their recycled sterling silver and non-toxic clothing.

Something Personal

Vinyl Reovlution
Photo credit:Vinyl Revolution

Buying for someone who has a love for music? You’re guaranteed to find them a great eco-friendly gift at Vinyl Revolution. This small business situated in Oxford designs vinyls in collaboration with global and local artists. They manufacture their own vinyl graphics and prepare them by hand before shipping them to your door. 

Vinyl Revolution designs vinyl products for vehicles, refrigerators, doors, walls, and everything in between!

harry skeggs photography print for gifting
photo credit: Harry Skeggs

A thoughtful gift option is to give something beautiful the recipient can look at every day in awe. 

Skeggs Photography is run by Harry, an award-winning photographer living in London. He is an adventurer at heart, and this has poured into his photography. Harry shoots everything from close-ups of wild cats to tiger sharks. He is excited by new prospects to experience Earth and the photographic opportunities they offer to the bold. His work has been featured in some of the biggest names in the wildlife and travel industry. On his website, you can shop stunning prints.

treat republic personalised gifts personalised gardening tools
photo credit: Treat Republic

Treat Republic has a passion for making personalised gifts inspired by all the things we love.

On their website, you will find a range of personalisable jewellery options, watches, homewares, and child and baby products. The team fight back against slavery within the supply chain and have partnered with One Tribe to help their customers make a difference to the planet.


There you have it, the eco-friendly gifts guide full of ethical present ideas for your friends and family in 2022. 

Make sure to check out these brands and their products so you can find the perfect gift that have a positive impact on the Earth. A lot of the brands on this list already work with us at One Tribe and are working to save trees with each purchase. As a result, they are protecting the Amazon and other ecosystems from habitat loss and deforestation. We would like to say well done to all our climate action heroes for their efforts and happy eco-friendly shopping to our readers!

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