15 eco-freindly shoes you need to be wearing this summer

15 eco-freindly shoes you need to be wearing this summer
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Whether you’re a strappy sandal person or someone who never shows their toes in public, at least a couple of these eco-friendly shoes are sure to be a perfect fit!


Picture this – it’s summertime and you’re at the park with your friends. The grass is green, the sun is warm on your skin, and you’re headed to a picnic in a fresh new pair of kicks. 

What do they look like?

Strappy sandals? A new pair of sneakers? Wedges? Or maybe a more formal dress shoe is more your style. 

Regardless of your taste in shoes, it’s important you know that when it comes to fresh kicks and eco-friendly purchasing, you don’t have to compromise. Especially considering there are around 20 billion shoes manufactured each year. 

There are many eco-conscious shoes and sustainable shoe brands out there that will fit your unique style.


Rothy's - The recycled-plastic footwear brand
Full Credit to Rothy's

We love the stylish and understated elegance of The Point. It’s a shoe that can handle brunch, a baby shower, a date night and Friday in the office all in one. These shoes have a wide range of classic prints available, including solid colours and patterns. But, Rothy’s also includes a seasonal selection of colours perfect for summer. Check out Diamond Metallic! 

Rothy’s uses plastic bottles and ocean-bound plastic to make their signature thread, which they use in every product. They also knit all their materials. By doing so, they’re able to reduce their waste by 30% compared to traditional cut-and-sew manufacturing.


Nisolo Chealsea Boot outlet
Full Credit to Nisolo

The Everyday Mid Top Sneaker is stylish enough to wear to a nice event, yet functional enough for your everyday. It’s made with durable leather on the outside of the shoe with a soft, buttery interior lining. 

Stylishness aside, Nisolo is committed to paying its manufacturers 100% living wages. And when these summer shoes get to you they’re 0% net carbon. The organisation is also a Certified B-Corp and was previously rated the #1 Re/Make Brand. To increase their transparency, they also share their sustainable impact. This document always includes where they still have room for improvement.


Adelante Shoes made ethically in Massachussets
Full Credit to Adelante

Have you ever ordered a pair of shoes from a shoe brand that makes them made to order? Adelante makes all their eco-friendly shoes as the orders come in. If you’re looking for dressy dancing shoes, look no further than The Romero. This shoe comes in seven different colours and has the option for a custom design. 

Each shoe ordered at Adelante is ethically made by Guatemalan craftsmen. There are no factories and mass production, which means they’re able to reduce their waste. They create resoleable shoes, so they have a longer life cycle than many other shoes. They’ve also released annual impact reports since 2018.


Silver glitter pumps heels not just another pair of basic shoes
Full Credit to Mavette

Can we take a moment to recognize how much easier it is to go out in the summertime than in any other season? No jackets are needed, no extra layers to keep you warm. Just the cute outfit you wanted to wear. And of course, shoes like the Nola D’orsay complete the outfit. They’re vibrant and fun and come in either pink or blue! 

Mavette makes high quality, luxury footwear sustainably. They source their leather as a byproduct of food waste. Their packaging is 100% recyclable. They’ve also partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit that refurbishes shoes. When you’re finished with your shoes, they are refurbished and sent to impoverished communities around the world, helping to extend the product life cycle.


Octobre Editions 2021 Denim collection
Full Credit to Octobre

The Steve Derbies are designed with a Blake stitch. They’re meant to be your go-to pair of shoes. The vegetable tanner leather only softens with time. The shoe itself is 100% leather. They’re the perfect mix of modern and timeless. 

These shoes come in recycled packaging. The Octobre factory allows third-party audits to ensure they have the right practices in place to support their employees. They pride themselves on creating simple, basic products that stand the test of time.

A Whole Section of Sustainable Sandals

Is there anything more summery than sandals?! Probably not. That’s why we have a whole section dedicated to the summer season’s favourite footwear.

Walk London

Walk london shoes
Full Credit to Walk London

Soft suede cushion footbed to treat your feet? Check! Rubber soles for long city walks? Check! Slip-on so you can get out of the door quickly? Check! Eco-friendly shoes? Check! Walk London’s Sunset Sandal checks all the boxes for what a great pair of sandals should be. 

Their leather is also 100% LWG rated, which stands for Leather Working Group. This certification ensures the leathers they use are sustainable, come from ethical sources and are traceable from source to the shoe. They’ve also partnered with One Tribe Global, and each pair of shoes you buy protects 25 trees in the rainforest.


Men's vegabond sidewalk surfers
Full Credit to Sanuk

Are these the coolest flip flops on the internet? Our guess is yes. Sanuk aptly named these flip flops Furreal Street Granny’s Couch. Floral print on the strap? You betcha. Soft Top Foam chill zone? Absolutely. But, they’re so much more than a pair of sandals “The Dude” would likely abide by. 

These sandals are made with regrinded foam waste, recycled rubber, and are vegan. Sanuk also uses natural materials and makes their shoe machine washable. Their leather is responsibly sourced leather and they use sustainable hemp in their shoes. So, just do your best to resist the urge to wrap them in plastic, as granny would. 

Deux Mains

Deux Mains chic shoes for the spring or summer
Full Credit to Deux Mains

Simple, elegant, and festival ready. The Hand Painted Ankle Strap Sandal is just colourful enough and sports an ankle strap – which, trust us, you’re going to want. And how cool is it that they’re hand-painted?! They come with either a black or white canvas and are made from repurposed tire soles. 

Deux Mains’ main inspiration comes from Haiti and the Haitian people. Their factory is solar-powered and women-owned. When you buy a pair of eco-conscious shoes from this brand, you’re providing a livable wage, health insurance and access to education for the Haitian people.

Koi Footwear

Koi Footwear - Meet your sole mate
Full Credit to Koi Footwear

These peep-toe platforms, Romance Rebel Pink Heart Sandals, are not for the faint of heart! They’re stylish with a heel that’s practical yet head-turning. Idyllic for a patio brunch on a Sunday morning. 

We love that Koi Footwear is vegan friendly and manufactured using regenerated water. They also ship their shoes in recyclable packaging. They’ve protected 285,606 trees with One Tribe. Each time you buy one of their eco-friendly shoes, they make a donation to One Tribe, and we use that money to protect the rainforest.


Native Shoes NUVO
Full Credit to Native

You can find these Zurich sandals on the corner of sandals and adventure. Three straps keep these sandals on tight. They come in two unique colours, green and pink, and blue and orange. They’re made of soft satin material and a simple buckling system that helps them stay on their feet! 

By 2023, Native has made a promise to have a 100% of their life cycle managed. This means that when you’re done with your eco-conscious shoes, you can turn them back in, and they’ll be made into something else, like playground equipment. This keeps materials from heading to landfills and prolongs the materials’ life. 

Stylish Sneakers for Summer

Whether you’re hitting the trails, running on the beach, or headed downtown, you need a shoe brand that protects your feet and the planet.

All Birds

All birds sneakers
Full Credit to All Birds

Meet the Men’s Tree Runner by All Birds (there’s a women’s shoe available, too!) This shoe comes in classic colours and some fun, limited edition colours as well. They’re made of lightweight, breathable eucalyptus fibre. This unique material is great for comfort and the environment. The sole is a cushioned midsole which means it’s great for an all-day adventure. And, if you end up off the trail, they can be machine washed later. 

All Birds has a “flight plan” of sustainability commitments they release annual reports on. Some of their initiatives include cutting their footprint (no pun intended) in half by 2025. They’re also currently carbon neutral.


KEEN womens newport H2 sandals
Full Credit to Keen

If you’re the kind of person who likes a shoe unlike any other, check out Women’s Howser Harvest. They have men’s shoes available too! This pair of summer shoes are made with upcycled car seat scraps. With each purchase, you’re supporting an organisation diverting waste from landfills. But, they made sure not to sacrifice comfort, so your feet will enjoy a comfortable fleece lining. 

Since 2003, Keen has been creating eco-friendly shoes for good. Each shoe sale goes towards funding programs to make the outdoors and trades more accessible. Their products are also consciously created for a better, cleaner, more sustainable planet.


Atoms Shoes Shares Inspiring Story with Humans of New York
Full Credit to Atoms

Do you wish your feet didn’t smell bad after big adventures? Do you have to tie your shoes time and time again on your walks? There’s actually a shoe that solves both those problems! Yes, the perfect shoe does exist. It’s known as Model 000. Antimicrobial copper threads keep your feet from smelling. The laces never need to be tied twice. And, the outside of the shoe is made of recycled yarn.  

Atoms don’t use any chemicals that are harmful to the environment or people. They practise a dying process that doesn’t need water. The carbon offset all their shipments, are vegan and are 99% recyclable. They hope to create a trade program soon to create a more circular supply chain.


B The change - Cariuma Pairs board sport style with B Corp values
Full Credit to Cariuma

Who doesn’t love a powder pink sneaker for the summertime? The OCA Low Rose Canvas is available in men’s and women’s sizes. And if powder pink isn’t your colour, you have fifteen additional colour options! Cariuma’s shoes come with natural, premium materials, carbon-neutral shipping and recycled packaging. What’s not to love?!

Cariuma has started its own Reforestation Program in Brazil, where its founder is from. With each pair of sneakers you purchase, Cariuma will plant two trees on your behalf. They’re also B-Corp Certified!


Full Credit to Baabuk

Baabuk makes the most stylish wool sneakers of all time. One of our favourite designs of theirs is the Sky Wooler. They’re water repellent, cosy, and itch-free (in case you were wondering). Their laces are also designed to be no tie for a clean and modern look. 

Baabuk is B-Corp Certified. They decided to make sneakers out of wool given wool’s long-lasting, recyclable and renewable properties. They pride themselves on creating a sustainable, long-lasting products. They also pay a living wage and support the communities they operate in.

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