10 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

10 sustainable clothing brands
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

These sustainable clothing brands are proving that fast fashion is out of fashion.


Fast fashion is so last year.With so much greenwashing going on and so many ecommerce products available online, it’s a job to find the truly sustainable clothing brands. But don’t worry – we’ve got you.

Below, we’ve listed 10 sustainable clothing brands that all you eco-conscious customers need to know about!

Boyish Jeans – @boyishjeans

sustainable clothing brand boyish jeans
photo credit: boyish jeans

Green packaging doesn’t indicate a sustainable ecommerce brand – but an environmentally-friendly production process does. 

Boyish Jeans are committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in the development and manufacturing of all its ecommerce products. 

They use toxic-free dyes and eco-friendly fabrics to ensure the only impact they leave on the planet is good jeans and great denim.

Franks London  @franksldn

photo credit: Franks London

Franks London is a contemporary womenswear label for the conscientious woman.

Every item is designed and made-to-order by Founder & Designer, Frankie, in her Hackney studio. Frankie also sources the fabric herself, makes the garment herself, packages the garment herself and sends the garment herself (with a few trusted Friends of Franks). 

Take a look at the Franks London website to see some of the celebs who have gotten behind Frankie’s amazing brand! (*cough* Holly *cough* Willoughby!)

House of Sunny @houseofsunny

sustainable clothing brand house of sunny
photo credit: house of sunny

House of Sunny is one of the most transparent sustainable clothing brands out there: 

The team follows a slow fashion model, producing small numbers of clothes to reduce waste. They provide statistics on exactly how much of their range comes from recycled materials and how much water they are using etc. to keep their ecommerce products sustainable.

Birdsong @birdsonglondon

photo credit: Birdsong

Similarly on the made-to-order uproar is Birdsong

These guys design everything in house from their East London studio. 

Designer Susanna Wen collects inspiration from art, nature and culture and builds concepts around her team’s skills to create their exclusive collections. They also hand sketch every silhouette, detail and print AND share them online, keeping transparency as a priority and valuing all feedback from their community through the design process.

Reformation @reformation

sustainable clothing brand reformation
photo credit: reformation

Reformation rightly points out that, despite the downfalls of the current climate, at least major ecommerce brands are beginning to take climate change seriously. 

Sustainability has been the priority for Reformation since it was founded in 2009, but they have published a sustainability report for 2021 to specify the ever-improving methods they are using to make progress towards their long-term sustainability commitments. They’re also introducing an even swankier way to recycle used jeans.

Reformation’s mission? To bring sustainable fashion to everyone. The sustainable clothing brand is approaching 2022 with a greater sense of urgency, more means for accountability (including from people like us asking more of sustainable ecommerce brands), and more investment and collaboration.

Tradlands @tradlands

sustainable clothing brand tradlands
photo credit: tradlands

A huge part of the sustainable fashion problem is the throwaway element. As stated by Tradlands, buying and selling pre-loved clothing is the best way to improve the lifecycle of an ethically-made garment. It avoids the need for new, raw materials, avoids waste – and is far better value.

Tradlands offer a Worn Well Exchange – an online marketplace to find previously-loved Tradlands products. This means consumers can bag a discount, get their hands on discontinued styles and elongate the garment’s lifestyle – a lifestyle that is meant to go on for a very, very long time.

Goose Studios

sustainable clothing brand goose studios
photo credit: Goose Studios

Long standing One Tribe partner Goose Studios have been committed to creating sustainable clothing at affordable pricing.  Since 2016, they’ve been in the business of making the world a little nicer by being a sustainable ecommerce brand. 

Goose Studios only use 100% organic cotton, with ethical sourcing from leading suppliers. What’s more, all of their sustainable styles are tried and tested for longevity, comfort – and unrivalled softness.

Not to mention – sign up to their newsletter, or buy one of their sustainable ecommerce products and  you protect trees in the Amazon rainforest. How’s that for a sustainable clothing brand?

Traffic people @trafficpeople

photo credit: Traffic People

Speaking of sustainable clothing brands that are saving the rainforest with every purchase, meet Traffic People, another of One Tribe’s brilliant partners. 

Traffic People has always created clothes with longevity – and creativity – in mind. Recently it has made the move to eco-friendly packaging, ditching plastic bags for more sustainable paper bags to accommodate the demand for its ecommerce products. It aims to move to using recycled polyester in its 2023 collections and is participating in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainability Goals.

Lucy and Yak @lucyandyak

sustainable clothing brand lucy and yak
photo credit: lucy and yak

If you haven’t heard of Lucy and Yak – where have you been?! 


Lucy and Yak champions the sustainable ecommerce page, priding itself in its funky clothes and sustainability – complete with a Positive Change Hub that details all of the ways in which it is a leading sustainable clothing brand. 

From supporting refugees to antiracism partnerships, plus of course, full transparency as to the suppliers, workers and production processes when it comes to the making of its garments, it’s no surprise that Lucy and Yak are an award-winning sustainable clothing brand in the online space.  

Ilk and Ernie

sustainable fashion ilke and ernie
photo credit: ilk and ernie

With Lucy and Yak supporting brilliant patterns, and Goose Studios repping the simple tees and sweatshirts, Ilk and Ernie are bringing it in the pretty and pastel space.

These guys are into way more than just their image – they use the fabric left over from other fashion brands and supply chains to make their clothes. Every season, they purchase, recycle and reuse surplus fabrics by rescuing them from landfill and turning them into clothes fit for a fashion show.

Who says sustainable fashion can’t be glam?


Phew! That’s 10 completely different sustainable clothing brands – all with unique designs and commitments to creating a better future for both people and the planet.

Sustainable ecommerce brands are not only the hottest trend, but they are a movement into the future. Remember to look for tangible commitments to climate action and sustainability from the clothing brands you are using.

For more ideas of where to shop, remember to take a look at the One Tribe gallery page – featuring brands who are saving the rainforest with every sale. When it comes to sustainability, make sure you buy to save!

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