10 Positive Climate Change News Stories From 2022

10 Positive Climate Change News Stories from 2022
Hazel Needham

Hazel Needham

Senior Writer

Looking for some of the most positive climate change news stories from 2022?
Our top 10 looks back at some of the best moments of the year.

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Here we are celebrating the end of 2022 and getting ready to approach the new year ahead. One Tribe is delighted to share with you 10 positive new stories across 2022 that have made a significant impact on the way that we address climate change and how we take action to protect the planet. 

As we head towards a carbon neutral future and aim to meet net zero targets for 2030, here’s some of the positive climate change news stories of 2022 that have helped to make a difference this year.

10 Positive Climate Change News Stories From 2022

1. Rhianna Donated $15 Million For Climate Justice

rihanna smiling against green leafy backdrop
photo credit: getty images

The 2022 new year kicked off positively when we caught wind in January that Rihanna had donated $15 million to help combat climate change.

The music, beauty and fashion icon adopted a crucial new title to her resume: climate justice supporter, when she donated to numerous organisations that help marginalised victims of climate change.

The funds contributed to  improving the lives of women, LGBTQIA+ people, ethnic minority groups, and indigenous peoples who are disproportionately impacted by the effects of global warming.

She explained in a statement that climate disasters are ‘growing in frequency and intensity’ but ‘do not impact all communities equally’. Communities of colour and island nations bear a large brunt of the problems caused by the climate crisis such as land degradation, flooding and encroachment. Most importantly, they are often not supported by the world’s governments. We love that Rihanna is work work work-ing on climate justice!

2. Rainforests Flourish In Guatemala Thanks To Community-Led Conservation Projects

positive climate change news the Maya Biosphere Reserve expands its forests
photo credit: preferredbynature.org

A community-led programme in the Maya Biosphere Reserve has begun to reverse two decades of deforestation within the area. 

Previously threatened by land grabs, cattle ranchers, and drug traffickers, the forest has already seen major improvement, expanding 25 kilometres in the last year and continuing to expand. 

3. A New Agriculture Bill In Wales Will Subsidise Farmers To Work More Sustainably

south wales white sheep on grassy green mountain
photo credit south wales mountain sheep

Farmers in Wales will now be rewarded financially by the Welsh government for their environmental efforts, such as tree planting, wildlife restoration, and using more sustainable methods of food farming. 

The new Sustainable Farming Scheme also establishes Wales as the first country in the UK to introduce a total ban on snares and glue traps, which catch animals indiscriminately and cause a great deal of suffering, so has set precedent for a better standard of animal welfare.

4. Brazil Sees First Ever Election Of Two Indigenous Women As Federal Deputies

indigenous woman Celia Xakriaba at climate change event discussion
Celia Xakriaba / Instagram

A record number of indigenous leaders (60), most of them women (31), ran in Brazil’s federal office election, in protest against the policies of President Jair Bolsonaro.

For over 500 years, indigenous peoples have been excluded from institutional politics. But this year marked a huge victory for the underrepresented communities, when Celia Xakriaba and Sonia Guajajara became the first indigenous women to be elected as Federal Deputies in Brazil.

This is a phenomenal win for indigenous rights, anti-racism, agri-business, the demarcation of indigenous territories, and for the environment.

Positive Climate News Story: Sonia Guajajara, one of the first indigenous women to be elected as Federal Deputies in Brazil
photo credit: Sonia Guajajara / Instagram

5. Prince William Gave A $1.2 Million Earthshot Prize To A Start Up Business

Prince william and princess kate attend the earthshot prize green carpet 2022

In 2014, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier, two university students, founded Notpla, after meeting while studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

In 2022, just 8 years later, their sustainable, plastic-like packaging concept, was awarded one of the five annual Earthshot Prizes. This prestigious award means that Notpa were given $1.2 million to develop their climate innovations further. Hoping to improve plastic waste issues for the indefinite future.

6. Successful Rewilding Project In UK Sees Birth Of A Wild Bison

wild bison in the UK
photo credit: rewildingbritain.org

For the first time in millennia, a baby bison was born in the UK as a result of a groundbreaking rewilding project between Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust.

The unexpected arrival was discovered by rangers carrying out checks on a herd of bison in West Blean and Thornden Woods, near Canterbury. The calf’s mother was one of three female bison released into the woodland in July 2022  as part of the wilding initiative, to combat the climate and biodiversity crises

7. US Passes ‘Most Significant Legislation In History’ For Climate Change

the US american flag blowing in the wind
Photo credit: Ben Mater / Unsplash

Described by The Atlantic as ‘Probably the best day for climate action in American political history’ on 7th August, 2022, the Senate overcame 30 years of indecision and passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the nation’s first comprehensive climate bill. 

The  Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a $369bn package of climate investments that Biden also called the “most significant legislation in history,” set to tackle the climate crisis. Estimates suggest it could cut US greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, changing the future of carbon, and help the world to meet important carbon neutrality targets.

8. USAID Invest $15 Million Into Global Fund For Coral Reefs

bright coral and small orange fish swimming amongst the coral reefs
photo credit: Hiroko Yoshii / Unsplash

The Sharm El Sheikh coral reefs have long drawn tourists to the Red Sea peninsula and are among the most biodiverse in the world, home to over a thousand different species of fish and more than 350 coral species. Not far off the 400 coral species found in the great barrier reef.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)  took climate action and announced at COP27 that they would invest $15 million (€14.9 million) to the Global Fund for Coral Reefs to save the reefs.

“In the face of an intensifying climate crisis, USAID’s investment in the Red Sea Initiative will help to drive a nature-positive economic transition while boosting the climate resilience of coastal communities in Egypt,” says UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

9. Scientists Create 3D-Printer That Can Build A House From Natural Materials

Alt Text: Researchers Unveil Fully Recyclable 3D Printed House Made From ‘Wood Flour’,
photo credit: University of Maine

With residential housing accountable for around 20% or carbon emissions, sustainable homes have been hot on the agenda for the duration of 2022. Creating environmentally-friendly housing has been explored with Passivhaus and heat pumps, but what if we could erect a house completely from natural, sustainable sources – like wood flour?

A team from US University of Maine have recently created a 600-square-foot home that doesn’t rely on high-emission materials such as concrete, but is made from wood fibres and bio-resins left over from sawmills.Therefore, the home creates less carbon during production – and is fully recyclable!

10. Banking Group Santander Helped Businesses Go Carbon Neutral 

Santander and One Tribe take climate action to reduce carbon emissions for businesses

This year One Tribe has entered an official partnership with Santander, having been selected as their preferred carbon partner.

Working with Santander UK Corporate & Commercial on their Navigator portal, One Tribe and Santander have been helping business to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

As well as banking solutions, Santander offers end-to-end support for those looking to take the next step on their international journey – whether they’re a seasoned international business or just getting started. In joining forces, we can further support companies with decarbonising the export process and work towards carbon-negative international export systems.

For more information on how One Tribe is working with Santander to decarbonise exports and business operations, read the full details here.


And there you have it! 10 positive climate change news stories from across the globe that show how the fight for climate change is well and truly underway. 2023 brings hopes that we can make radical changes to how the economy and world leaders approach climate change problems, and embrace new and modern solutions.

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