Who are One Tribe?

We are a Climate Action Platform engaging businesses and their customers to make a positive environmental impact.

We enable businesses to fund environmental projects and educate their customers in climate change initiatives using our ChatBots and consumer data intelligence technology.

We validate business climate action in a measurable and transparent way, providing a real-time solution to the Climate Crisis problem.

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Our partners have already protected


Billion trees protected from deforestation globally


Million acres of threatened rainforest protected


Million Tonnes of carbon stopped reaching the atmosphere


Equivalent to ten thousand cars off the roads

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Frequently Asked Questions

The One Tribe Climate Action Platform

How does TR[1]BE fight climate change?

TR[1]BE and our partners buy and protect endangered rainforest that sequesters and removes Co2 from our atmosphere which directly slows down global warming.

Where does the money go?

100% of your commitment to protecting rainforest goes directly to the Rainforest Trust Charity who use 100% of the money to buy and protect indigenous lands in the tropical rainforests of the world.

How do we connect my business to TR[1]BE?

Once you have opened an account with us you can access all our integrations options, connect your CRM, CMS or Ecommerce store directly to rainforest protection. Now every product or service you sell can save rainforest.

How much have you saved so far?

So far over 20,000,000 Acres of endangered land have been protected over the past 30 years with our partners Rainforest Trust. This is similar in size to England.

Can any business take part?

Yes, we have built the TR[1]BE platform so everybody can make a difference, you can sign up and start saving in minutes. Please contact us to discuss what we can do to help you.